Cat’s Got Your Tongue

6 or 7 months ago I ran across this book and instantly felt the need to read it, unfortunately (as would be my luck) there was no Kindle version.  So there I was… watching it taunt me from my wish list until finally I decided to put my big girl panties on and actually purchase the physical book.  This final shove into adulthood however, did not come without reservation,  after 7 months of updated comments and crap reviews, I was a little bit doubtful of how good it was actually going to be.

Of course… I had to judge for myself, and I’m glad I did.

See, there is this newly formed phenomenon called the “Meyer’s Effect” it rears its ugly little head anytime a YA novel is released and spouts the now daunting words “Vampire” and “Romance.”  Regardless of the premise or plot intentions of the book, people are automatically inclined to compare and contrast it to the “Twilight” series.

Please people, for the love of all that is holy, you have to stop doing this.

“Eternal” was fantastic in an entirely NEW way.  The story follows 2 lead characters, Miranda, who due to no fault of her own ends up a vampire, and Zachary, her guardian angel, whom…coincidentally is the reason she is now guzzling blood instead of Sprite.

Zachary, overwhelmed by guilt and self pity turns to a life of drinking and partying, that is… until his boss, Archangel Michael,  sends him on a mission.

Save Miranda…and save yourself.

The story is a wonderful journey of determination and the ability to maintain free will, regardless of your current circumstances.

The writing was a tad choppy in places (mostly the beginning) but once the plot was in full swing, I hardly even noticed.  I will make it very clear though that I thought the ending was brilliant and fitting, I don’t see how softening it would have done the characters any justice. (Trust me when I say this was a matter of much debate in the previously mentioned reviews.)

There were personalized coffins complete with Nascar emblems, 1 serving of maid tongue, a vampire debutant ball, holy water dunking tanks for those who misspeak, the nosiest father on the planet, and one hell of a killer battle scene.

If you like vampires…and you like sarcastic pissy fallen angels…buy the book you will enjoy it.  But if you are looking for a smattering of romance and heartfelt speeches, better luck next time, cause this is not for you.

Happy reading my fellow Eternals and remember: cherubs aren’t angels, they are just fat little short dudes with curly hair.

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  1. I really liked that book, but the plot never quite made it past the hmm where to go next stages. Her “Tantalize” was so much better.

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