Coming Home

I was sitting in the living room watching TV the other day when this ridiculous commercial for Dr. Pepper 10 comes on. “This is a MAN’s drink!” it spouted as some slightly less than average looking man jumped a canyon in a dune-buggy. (*eye roll*) Anyways, at the end of this commercial he charges the TV camera, drink in fist and throws out the phrase, “So you can keep your romantic comedies and lady drinks…” because blah ditty blah blah.  Now, normally I would pay absolutely no attention to this AT ALL, but when the screen faded to black and something infinitely more ridiculous came on the screen I heard my husband chuckle. (*insert raised eyebrow*)

“What’s so funny?” I asked glaring at the man to my right.
“You are soooo not a girl.” He says.
“WTH are you talking about?” I spit back.  “The last time I checked homey…I had boobs.”
“Romantic comedies and lady drinks (chuckle) You…my lovely bride are so not a girl.”
“Am so!” Sticks tongue out in true 2-year-old fashion.
“Hand me your phone.”
(I have to admit, this is the part where I started to get a little concerned.)
“What do you need my phone for?” I ask.
“I’m going to prove something to you.”
“Look…right here. Look at the movies you have on your phone.” 

I (of course) took the phone in a huge huff about to disprove my arrogant husband. Yeah…no such luck.  As it turns out, I am indeed a dude. (In case you were wonder the movies were “28 Days Later” “Daybreakers” “Legion” “Zombieland” and “Avatar”)

Well…all of this got me thinking.  I don’t read enough romance.  Yes…I read my fair share of “I’m a warewolf…aren’t I hot” but true unadulterated romance? Not so much.  Then I realized (smacks forehead) that most of my followers are women and (unlike me) they are probably really into the whole “swooning” thing, (aka “romantic comedies and girly drinks.”) So…I decided enough was enough. I would read a girl book.  It’s not like I’ve never done it before, hell…I used to be addicted to Nora Roberts and (hangs head) Danielle Steele. I would dissect my TBR, I WOULD find a damn lady book, and dag nabbit…I was going to present this damn book to the masses.

Here is what I found, (cue indignant smile) “Return of the Runaway Bride” by Donna Fasano.

Once upon a time…

There lived a lovely young woman named Savanna who was engaged to Daniel, a handsome law student. Theirs was to be a fairy-tale wedding. But Savanna’s second thoughts were too big to be ignored, so the would-be bride ran away.

As the years passed…

Daniel’s heart turned to ice. It was this unfeeling man that Savanna faced upon her return. The love of her youth was now a stranger. Could Savanna ever make Daniel understand why she abandoned him? And could she convince the man of her dreams he would always be her Prince Charming?


So what did I actually think about my lady-venture when it was all said and done? Not to shabby.  I will admit, the whole “I’m running from my perfect life” had me a little baffled at first, but once the concept was fully formed it made perfect sense.  This what not a book about a girl who made a mistake and then came back 6 years later to grovel at the feet of her “perfect” Prince Charming, this was about a girl who needed to get her hands dirty to realize what life is really all about. ( <–wow, that was very Yoda like of me. *takes a bow*)

If I’m to break it down further…the story wasn’t really about Savanna running away at all, (Ok, that’s only partially true) but more about the characters that eventually surround her “new” life and the changes she has made to make amends.  So what did I think about these characters? Spot-on!

I don’t know about the rest of you but I grew up in a painfully tiny town, and can contest to the amount of nosy-ness they possess.  In regards to this particular aspect,  I think Fasano captured it perfectly.  As for the leads themselves, (Savanna and Daniel) I think their internal turmoil led to some fascinating encounters and their inability to trust one another created fantastic doors for Fasano to navigate their “less than normal” relationship through.

The writing?  It was pleasant.  There were no major editing issues, there was just enough push and pull to keep you fully engaged in the relationship and there were no obvious plot lulls (which I have to a nice change of pace.)

So where exactly does this leave me overall?

Well, beside the fact that I need to find a new word for “so” (what was that, like 50 times in 4 paragraphs?) It was a nice pleasant read, with a nice pleasant story, that wasn’t too long or too short.  Perfect for those of you who like easy reads or beachy type romantic romps.

Was it the best dip into “Girl World” I’ve ever had? No, but well worth the $1 if you are clean romance fan.

Happy reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember:  Never trust a mother who uses your head as a pin cushion.

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  1. lol I guess I am not a girl either. I am procrastinating on this fifth day of nanowrimo and just about to brush the six thousand word mark. Got some catching up to do so I (will leave the human romance to you while I get back to my wolves…)

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