Cotton Candy Anyone?

hush-hushWhat would you do if the existence of your happiness lay entirely in the hands of another?

What if that person hated you? Loved you? Tried to kill you?

What if you were unable to experience the warmth of physical touch unless you sacrificed the thing you valued most?

What if you found out that the cute boy that sits next to you in Bio class isn’t really a cute boy at all, but a Fallen Angel?

So goes the story of Nora Gray, a typical teenager, in a typical world, wanting nothing more than to NOT fail her Biology class due to the arrogant boy she was forced to be lab partners with. What Nora doesn’t know… is that this “Boy” (that she finally admits make her insides bubble) isn’t just looking for a Saturday night movie date. He has bigger plans for her. Huge Plans…Life Altering Plans.

I have waited for “Hush Hush” for months! Yes, I know…It was release in hardback several months ago, but “Oh The Horror” there was no Kindle version…until yesterday. (Guess it was fate considering I finished my previous book yesterday morning.)

The plot was well thought out and detailed enough to keep the story moving quickly, which I like. (Not a big fan of books that drag.) “Becca Fitzpatrick’s” writing was equal to several other (well known) YA authors in her genre, but instead of retelling the same old story with different characters, (which I hate to admit several people do) she blazed her own path.

That path, fortunately for it’s audience, was filled with fallen angels, psychotic psychologist, cute private school transfers, a stint in rollercoaster safety, a snarky best friend, several trips on a jet black 200/mph motorcycle, and 1 very uncomfortable dark tunnel moment.

I have absolutely zero regrets in pre-ordering this novel. I got what I wanted…which was a quick read, with a clean story, and lots of action. As an added bonus (for those of you looking for some sort of deeper meaning) this was a story of lust versus love and the consequences of obsessing over both.

My advice? Get it, live it, love it…pass it on.

Happy Hump-Day my little Nelliphim and remember…don’t offer to be a distraction, all you’ll end up with is a broken arm and mild brain disorientation.

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