Damn You Tears!

If you have ever read a “Nicholas Sparks” novel  (or even watched a movie adaptation of one) you should be well versed in certain aspects of his writing by now.

1 – Someone always dies… you may not know who, and you may not know when but it is inevitable, and

2 – He’s not all that big into “happily every afters.”

These 2 reasons are more than enough for me to normally steer clear of Mr. Sparks, but as usual, my OCD took precedence over my need for self preservation and the past couple of days I found myself reluctantly diving into “Dear John.”

Please don’t misunderstand me though,  Nicholas Sparks has such a knack for expression that he will capture your soul in only a few chapters,  it’s just to bad that he likes to take that swelled, willing, and loving soul and hit it with a mallet.

“Dear John” was beautiful.

“Dear John” was sad.

I hated/loved/despised/adored “Dear John”

John was on the short bus to No-Where-Ville and his beer and lack of motivation were along for the ride…until one day he woke up.  While sitting in a run down bar in his small seaside town he decided to make something of himself;  Be all that he could be…make himself a better man, so he did just that…by joining the army, but just when John thought he had finally started to get his life on the straight and narrow he met a girl.  Her name was Savannah and they only had 2 weeks, to find each-other, help each-other, and love each-other.  With John’s inevitable return to duty looming in the not so distant future they make a promise to  each-other… write letters, talk on the phone, stare and the moon, and come back together, but when 9-11 hits and John reenlists Savannah shatters into a million little pieces.  Can love survive across oceans? Can love survive a war? Is love ever really enough?

“Sparks” tugs at the strings in your chest you never knew existed, the dialogue and flow were perfectly paced and the characters were so well developed that you felt each and every pain that they went through like it was your own.  The ending made me mad and made me cry, it was lovely, bittersweet, and nothing short of perfect.

I would like to tell you that this book was a happy one.

I would like to tell you that for once the inevitable didn’t happen, but then I would just be lying.

This book is a lesson, one that each and every one of us should learn.  “If you love someone, let them go.”

Get it, Live it, Love it…and pass it on.

Happy reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: Sometimes we need to see the good in ourselves that other people see in us.

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