Humans Are So Predictable

My mothers favorite movie is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” (insert gagging noise) I hate this movie, always have (maybe cause it was force fed to me on a annual basis) and I fear always will, but regardless of my gag reflex there are parts of it I do actually remember, and did (very reluctantly) find endearing.  One of those very brief, (and if I may say so… cheesy moments,) is the declaration: “Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings.” Cute right? Yea, I thought so too, until Adornetto smashed that little glimmer of light to smithereens in “Halo” and ruined my mothers chances of ever getting me to plop my rear down to watch that snoozer of a movie again.

(I have a point… I promise, just hang with me for a few more seconds)

Bethany is an angel. (<– ah ha! see point)  Not the hey-we-play-harps-for-fun kind, more the I’m-missing-a-belly-button-and-I-run-with-the-big-dogs kind.  Sent from heaven on a mission to save Venus Cove from the forces of evil (totting her… uh hum…siblings Gabriel and Ivy) Beth does exactly what every teenage girls mother would expect. She gets side tracked by a cute boy.  (Oh woe is me) Unable to control herself Bethany starts to give away more than is acceptable, and by the time she realizes it… it just might be to late.  Can love really conquer all? Will Venus Cove crumble from the absence of compassion, and for God’s sake…who is the dude in all black, and why does he talk like a “Poetry for Dummies” book?

If I’m being honest, it took a significant amount of effort to get “into” this book.  The set up drug horribly, and then once the angst was resolved things just seemed to rotate in a hold pattern, until I reached the 75% mark.  After the 75% mark however, things got wild, and I reverted back into my paranormal junkie persona (aka binge drinking coffee when I should have been sleeping just to see what happens next.) Something notable? The novel as a whole was mild compared to the majority of YA found of the shelves these days who rely on “dark” to hype their readers. Yes, there was an enormous amount of angst, but the drug abuse and absent parents (which seem to be a standard now) were surprisingly switched with doting, overprotective, no-sex-til-marriage types. (Refreshing if you ask me.) The character development was good, which saved the initial drag, and the last 4 chapters are almost enough to make you forget them all together. (Can you say Fire?)

In the end “Halo” turned out to be an average read, with slightly better than average writing. (What would that be in teenage slang? “Eh… it’s was ok”)

If you enjoy books like “If I Stay,” “Hush, Hush” or “Angel Star” this one is right down your alley, and I dare to say you won’t be disappointed. (if you are, well… send me a bill) For everyone else… spend your money on something else like… the GAME Halo, at least it’s not boring, and you get to carry around a wicked big gun.

Oh! Did I mention it ended in a cliffhanger? Yeah… that’s right people… another series. (Damn it)

Happy Reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: Never let an Archangel fool you with his endearing pancake making abilities… he’s still a bad ass, and he can still smite you.

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6 thoughts on “Humans Are So Predictable

    1. I have to seriously hate it to give it a one. The ending was fantastic otherwise it would have gotten a 2 🙁 the beginning just about killed me though.

  1. I just recently got this book in the mail and can’t wait to read it. I didn’t read your review (I usually don’t read reviews on books I’m going to read in the near future) but my eye did catch the part where you said it has a cliffhanger ending. Oh geez. I iz scared. I hope it’s not a major cliffhanger. *bits nails*

  2. Great review. So much so that I think I skip reading this book, even though I really love most things paranormal etc.

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