I Can Relate… I Hate The Winter Too

shiver-final-coverIt’s not often that I pick up a book and am pleasantly surprised by sarcastic humor. It’s not often that I finish a book in 1 day, and it’s also not often that I rewrite the beginning of a book review 5 times before finally settling on telling everyone that I rewrote it 5 times, but alas… that is just what I did.

“Shiver” was a good book. Epic? no, Enjoyable? yes! It was a nice read, no twisting confusing plots, wonderful character development and…ta da… funny. As a matter of fact it was laugh out lout funny in several parts.

But…with great happiness will inevitably come great pain, and I will be honest with you… I did cry. It was brief and yes I hid it from my husband who makes fun of me every time a book gets to me, but sadness to me… in a book anyways… is a good thing. It tells me that the author was good enough to evoke realistic emotion and make me believe in what I am reading.

This book was about a wolf…not a werewolf…but a wolf…who turns into a boy…a boy that saved a little girl and then stood watch over her for 8 years until one day a sad twist of fate left him naked and bleeding on her back patio.

It is also about a girl…who was attacked by wolves as a child, who has parents that are oblivious to her,and her unhealthy obsession with the creatures that tried to end her life.

You as a reader will experience what happens when obsessed morphs into compassion…into love…into a desire to shelter and protect regardless of its personal cost.

There are “pack” rifts, a best friend who spends her free time hopped up on coffee, German poetry, and a set of yellow eyes that will shock even the most stable of people.

What you get…is a story that stands by itself. There is no need for a book 2, there is no need for an upheaval of other mythical creatures, all that is needed is a wolf, and the girl he falls in love with. It’s a simple as that.

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