I Flunked Geometry!

Well, after a long day of percolating on “Do The Math” (i.e. Lines are really long in amusement parks) I finally came up with my answer.

Dang… this was a pretty decent book!

The title is, of course, more than enough to make most of the human population run in fear (myself included) but regardless of my math paranoia, the overall plot was a delightful mix of Nerd USA and Daniel Steele on a coffee binge.

Roger is a math geek. ( I wish there was a more elegant way to characterize him, but there isn’t) unsure of his future he hunts down his mathematical hero and begs to be his intern. After being left for a fool in a crowded airport Roger finally lands the gig, but what did he sign up for exactly? What seemed to be a dream turned into more of an adventure involving a used up mathlete, a romance novelist (appropriately washed up after 1 novel) a ghost writer with an alluring past and convenient connections, and a band of little old ladies hell bent on sending a message.

“Philip Persinger” raised the question: “What could be worse than losing the love of your life? Getting her back!” What he should have asked was, “Is it better to flood the audience with loads of mathematical mumbo jumbo in the beginning of the book or hit them with it later…after you’ve sucked them in?”

I will admit that I was not impressed by the first 10 or so chapters (relax.. there are 50) I thought they drug horribly and I put very serious consideration into burying the book under my mattress if heard one of non-sensical math term. Thankfully…after I hit the top of that hill the story evened out and became… wait for it… VERY INTERESTING!

I thought the writing was a little choppy during some of the dialogue, there were spaces in the “everyday” conversations that I felt were unnecessary, but overall the writing was very well executed. I can’t image that it was easy to combine 2 such different topics into a well thought out storyline, but alas…it was done, and it was done well.

Here is an independent author to look out for, because if he can keep me reading after throwing around verbiage like “Coincidental Logic” then there has got to be something there.

There were professionally painted romance novel covers, a lazy Susan, little old ladies in chains, 1 bout of agoraphobia, 1 eclair induced diabetic coma, and the most important… a lost love.

Don’t let the title fool you, this one is an independent keeper.

Happy reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: God made calculators for a reason.

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2 thoughts on “I Flunked Geometry!

  1. *fingers in ears, fingers in ears*

    Not reading until I can devote proper time to it. ATM I am reading Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ (I’m a slow reader when editing my own work) but I HAVE read a few pages of this and I love it.

    Trying DESPERATELY not to read what you said (no offence!) but it looks bloody good and I am SO looking forward to getting stuck in.

    Oh bugger… I just read more.

    NEED to read it all now. Nicely written about… good style.

    It might be a busy weekend for me :0)

    1. Ok, so #1. Pace yourself. Rushing a book is like rushing dinner. You will inevitably overlook something in your rush to finish, and #2. What is your book about? (thought I wouldn’t catch that little snip-it didn’t you.)

      Thanks so much for the compliment and your comments! *Misty

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