Karma Is A Bigger Bitch Than I Will Ever Be

About a month ago Debbi Mack sent me her collection of short stories “5 Uneasy Pieces.”  I decided to take a chance on them, (not because of the obvious sleuth pretence) but because I knew that at some-point I would need a break. Yes, I know that sounds horrible on so many levels, but sometimes less complicated is just plain nice.  Not all of us have the time to dive into a 500 page book, we need something to read in between switching out loads of laundry, and carpool, or… (for those of us that work a ridiculous number of hours a week) it is sometimes much more convenient to curl up with a 45 minute read than the 20 hour one.

Debbi Mack’s collection offers readers exactly that. Easy reading, investigation style.

All 5 of these stories offer different things; payback, bad timing, deception…but at the same time they are all identical. How? Irony. Mack’s ability to smack her own characters in the face is impressive, and because she weaves a twisted tale BEFORE she does this it makes her stories even more enthralling.

However…the best thing about “5 Uneasy Pieces” is that (with just a few short stories) you are able to get a good clean look into Mack’s writing style.  Is she for you? Can you stand the 500 classic movie references she throws out, and most importantly do you “believe” her self-made glimpses into the world of investigation. If you answered yes, then it enables you to purchase one of her full length novels guilt free. If the answer is no… no big loss, it was only 99 cents and I’m willing to bet you have more than that in your car’s console.

If you like short easy reads…go for it. Why the hell not.

Happy reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: never give your shrink your address…it’s inevitable that one day they will snap. Do you want them knowing where you sleep?

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    1. I used to HATE short stories, but I found a place for them and now they’re not so bad. I use them a lot when testing an authors writing ability. It saves me time and money. If I hate them in 20 pages there is no way in hell I’m going to like them in 400.

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