Lather, Rinse, Repeat!

About a week ago I hosted a book give-away on my Twitter account.  I was feeling festive, and wanted to give “something” (anything) away to someone OTHER than my family, so I decided books were the best option. However… out of the 5 different books I gave away there was one that I had never read.  Seen? Yes. Owned? Yes. Read… no.  Suddenly feeling the need for reassurance, as in “Oh dear Lord, I hope that book didn’t blow” I decided to read it for myself.  Thankfully, for both myself, and the follower I would have email stalked with apologies, the book was pretty decent.  So… that brings us to today, the day I tell the rest of you what that book was, and break it down into pure, unadulterated, Misty-can’t-seem-to-keep-her-opinion-to-herself form.

I first ran across “Immortal” by Lauren Burd when I was updating my wish list on Amazon.  The cover was… startling, and because so, I found myself clicking on it for additional details.  Naturally, after reading the synopsis I was sucked in, (let’s be honest, that really doesn’t take much.) and while riding on the wave of words like: Gods, demons and vampires, I clicked buy.

Alina is not a lucky girl.  Her parents divorced, which is not that uncommon, but her mother turning into the Ice Queen was totally unexpected.  With her bags already packed and her college career awaiting, Alina does the best possible thing she can do… for HERSELF. She moves. No worries though, irresponsible she is not, and as expected attends and thrives in her classes.  That is of course until boys start to get in the way, and by boys I mean mysterious hunks with a grudge against each-other and enough charisma/petulance to drive any half stable girl bonkers.  What exactly is it about these two that she just can’t resist? Why does she suddenly feel like a mission instead of a person, and will her good intentions lead to a happy ending, or end with her 6 feet underground?

I will not say this book was perfect, but it was an interesting and ultimately delightful read.  Burd is obviously still trying to find her stride, but the promise of a lucrative career in the art of paranormal romance is bright and shining.  Her characters “attitudes” were very well developed, but their “pasts” leave something to be desired. Her “angst” was spectacularly front and center, but the “follow through” was less than exciting. What does all this mean exactly? Well, it means that I’m a conflicted reviewer with crappy articulation skills.

As I said before “Immortal” was a delightful read, but it would be ill mannered of me not to mention the big white elephant in the room which is… “Haven’t I read this before?”  With all the conflicting opinions in my head however…I WILL give Burd credit where credit is due, and that is her ending.  Unlike the first half of the book, I felt like I was finally seeing HER world, and with that came a completely original and smack-worthy cliffhanger.

So what does this mean for you.. the reader? Well, it mean that if you are a paranormal lover you will enjoy this novel.  The fact that you don’t HAVE TO tear apart each and every book you read will help you get past the few things I found myself getting hung up on.  For the rest of you? It’s only $.99 so READ it, but save if for a rainy day and a slime TBR.

Happy Reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: even the oldest, most immortal of us can feel pain… it just may be a different kind.

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