Lies Lies Everywhere!

For those of you who have gotten to know me over the last year you could have predicted I would review this novella months ago. I have to admit I was fascinated by the idea of Bree and was curious to know more about her. (Even if up until this point she was just another vampire in the wrong place at the wrong time.)

Now, before I get into the details of the story let me give you a little background. Stephenie Meyer actually wrote this “short story” BEFORE the release of Twilight. (While she was editing Eclipse) She found herself intrigued by the idea of a “newborn” vampire and her way of working through that was to write it down, her final intention was to throw it in as a bonus in the “Twilight Saga: The Official Guide,” but once her little story reached 200 pages it seemed a little like overkill. It was not until the filming of “Eclipse” started that she found a useful place for it. Jodelle (the actress who plays Bree) needed inspiration, background, insight… and what do you know, Meyer’s had just the thing. After swearing Jodelle to secrecy (having her burn the manuscript when she was done with it) Meyer’s publisher approached her with a fantastic idea. Publish the Bree’s story as it’s own novella and get it out quickly…before “Eclipse” was released to theatres. I have to say… good call Little Brown.

In “Eclipse” we are introduced to Bree abstractly. She is the only newborn to survive (briefly) Victoria’s quest for revenge and even when we ARE introduced to her it is fleeting and makes her appear weak. It’s not until you read “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner” that you see who she really was; smart, dedicated and surprisingly compassionate.

Taking this journey with Bree was fascinating. It not only allowed you see the action from a different aspect, but it allowed you to see the characters we have all grown to love through the eyes of their enemy.

The writing, was surprisingly complete and read more like a full fledged novel than an excerpt of one, and Meyer’s ability to capture the “non-vegetarian” vampire world was impressive for someone so known for her lovable vamps.

In the end I was significantly more impressed by this little ditty than I ever actually thought I would be. What I was expecting was a filler novel, what I got was a deeper appreciation.

If you are a Twilight Saga fan… this a must addition to your ever growing collection.

Happy Reading my fellow Twi-hards and remember: “Red-Eyes” need love too.

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P.S. I know the majority of you are hardcore Kindle readers, but if you feel the need to buy this novel, do me a favor and buy the hardback copy. $1 from each sold copy is being donated to the American Red Cross. How’s that for irony.

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