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A couple of days ago I realized something…I read to much. Yes, I know…it’s not such a big revelation, but how I stumbled across this was actually quite frightening. I was mindlessly flipping through my Kindle (admiring the 104 books I devoured in 2009) when I realized… “Geezus holy monkey balls, is it possible that I read this many series novels??” And sadly, after a long investigation and several unfortunate hot green post-its, I had my final count. 15. Yes.. that is right, I said 15, as in I-have-15-DIFFERENT-continuous-story-lines-making-slimy-little-worm-tracks-across-my-brain, it’s surprising I can even function in normal society.

Anyways, after cataloging my mildly pathetic find I decided it was time to dive right in to book #2 of the “Percy Jackson & The Olympians” series. So here…action packed and sarcasm filled is your daily dose of me…demigod style.

I will admit I was a little frightened to start “Rick Riordan’s” “The Sea of Monsters.” After such a wildly mesmerizing 1st installment (“The Lightning Thief”) I was concerned that it wouldn’t live up to my childhood-fantasy standards. Thankfully, most of the time, I am just as annoyingly wrong as I am right and “The Sea of Monsters” deliverer the reality break I so desperately needed.

The story picks up a year after “Thief”, with Percy stoked about his last day of mortal school. His inability to last through school years unscathed have been a constant threat to him, and this years absence of flying teachers and a best friend that turned out to be a goat has done nothing but make him lazy. How exactly does he discover this? Well… his new inability to properly hold his sword while being chased by Shrek sized bullies who think that “fire dodge ball” is the next big x-game event is a pretty good indication.

After being pulled to safety by a “surprise” guest he learns that “Camp Half-blood” is in jeopardy of being destroyed; and naturally it is his duty to save it. So with help from the always pissy Annabeth, and a 7 year old Cyclopes, Percy sets out to retrieve the ultimate restoration tool: The golden fleece.

“Riordan’s” writing was again, nothing short of superb; drawing the readers mind into a wonderful adventure of imagery and pure excitement. I laughed out loud, just as I had with the 1st novel, and was instantly transported to a childlike state of wonderment and happiness. Even though it is obviously geared towards a younger crowd, any adult worth their flesh won’t give a flying rhino’s ass. These books are just plain fun.

There were 3 crazy sisters that share body parts and drive a cab, goats in wedding dresses, chariots of fire (literally), 3 kids on a mission armed with nothing but a thermos and a bottle of chewable vitamins, an 8 headed acid spitting rhino who loves donuts, a sea monster who really needs a toothbrush, a man-hating sorceress who has anger management issues, party ponies complete with soda-drinking hats and paintball guns, and 1 very interesting giant Cyclopes death duel.

Here’s my advice: buy the book, read the book, and pass it on. There’s nothing better than a little bit of adventure in your life. (As an added bonus, it stems some pretty cool dreams.)

Happy reading my fellow Demi-gods and remember: not all guinea pigs are pigs..sometimes they are pirates.

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