Note To Self: Buy A Flashlight

What do you get when you combine a massive power outage, an alcoholic author, a pregnant teenager, a mayor with authority problems, and a deep fried husband? ZOMBIES!

I wanted to hate this book, honestly…I have been so disappointed by my free Kindle finds lately that my hope for this book was completely shot before I even started the 1st chapter. Thank God, I am stubborn and decided to read it anyways.

The writing was average, but the story was compelling in that “I swear… this is one of the weirdest things I’ve read since Black House” kinda way. I was not expecting the walking dead, I was not expecting creepy descriptions of missing brain matter but alas that is what I got, and as messed up as this is about to make me sound… I Freaking Loved It!

The book was separated into 3 sub-books (which normally I hate) but with “Moonlight” it worked. “Keith Knapp” set up an average/everyday cast of character and followed each in their journey to the “epicenter of disaster.”; the different books merely helped in separating the parts of their eventual convergence.

I do not, however, think this book is for everyone. If you don’t like bloody descriptives, stay away cause this book is full of them, but if you are like me and love a good knock down, drag out, mind control, innocent people stuck inside a high school while the rest of the world goes mad sort of book, then by all means… get going, you have a lot of catching up to do.

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