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When I was first learning to drive (roughly 700 years ago) I remember being confused by all of the streets. When I was a passenger, everything seemed logical…orderly, but the second I took my turn behind the wheel my tiny town seemed to magically morph into a complex layering of asphalt covered dreams. I quickly realized that looks could be deceiving. I pieced together the puzzle rather quickly of course (I dare you to find someone more determined than a teenager with a set of keys and zero sense of direction.) and before I knew it I was well on my way to a mock sense of adolescent freedom. But being lost those 2 or 3 (read 20) times I learned something interesting about myself. I love a good mystery. And…the more turns, the more my interest level shoots through the roof.

I have read SEVERAL of Mrs. Dane’s books before. All have been YA, and I have loved each and every one of them for their outstanding descriptive passages. (They read like very well plotted acid trips.) Because of this (my pleasure, not the acid) I decided to take a chance on one of her adult novels. More curious than anything else (as to her ability to leap genres in a single bound) I dove in. Four hours later (that’s 255 pages in nerd speak) I emerged from my lady cave with a smile on my face.

I had finally found an author who could take hold of my affinity for turns and make it her bitch (excuse my French.)

A dangerous liaison ignites the bloodlust of a merciless killer

When a beautiful socialite is savagely murdered in Chicago’s Oz Park, Detectives Gabriel Cronan and Angel Ramirez find her last hours have a sinister tie to two lovers. One is a mystery and the other is a famous violin virtuoso.

A child prodigy turned world class musician, Ethan Chandler is young, handsome–and blind. He’s surrounded by admirers with insatiable appetites for his undeniable talent and guileless charm. From doting society women to fanatical stalkers and brazen gold diggers, the reclusive violinist’s life is filled with an inner circle of mesmerized sycophants who are skilled at keeping secrets.

After Cronan and Ramirez expose a shadowy connection between Ethan and the victim with a private elite sex club, they discover intimate desires and dark passions aren’t the only things worth hiding at all cost. A vicious killer will stop at nothing to settle a blood score.

Now, despite my lust for complicated (and incredibly complex) plots, “Blood Score” was more than just a “who done it” novel wrapped up in a pretty little package. Filled with believable (and well defined) characters, this book takes you both in front of AND behind the (rather) seedy side of thriving society.

I will have to refrain from being too detailed (to keep from spoiling the plot) but let’s just say…everyone has secrets. Especially those swimming in money. The puzzle behind BS (ha…that wasn’t intentional I swear) is discovering which secrets are worth listening to, and which are fodder (ever heard of the word: diversion?)

If I’m being honest (and really…when am I not) I NEVER pegged the killer. As a matter of fact, I had it wrong. Three times. (Which obviously means I need to up my coffee consumption.) The simple fact that I didn’t have this book pegged by page 2 just goes to show you how finely tuned (and sneaky) Dane can be when it comes to her craft.

Long story short (now that you are coming to the end of my long story) “Blood Score” is a roller-coaster ride of intense (and sometimes incredibly sexual) murder mayhem. Each player is penned to perfection (especially the blind character…) The plot is quick, but well thought out. And the ending was spot on (though a tad predictable in the last few pages…which was after the big reveal.)

Overall, fantastic book for those of you that like the writing style of say…Tami Hoag and Kendra Elliot, but with Dane’s signature stamp of ick meets ahh.

Winner winner…chicken dinner.

Happy Reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: “There is no more miserable human being than one in whom nothing is habitual but indecision.” – William James

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Overall: 4.4

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