Psst… Can I Tell You A Secret

Well, since I’m still not finished with “The Judge” (and honestly.. I should be by now) I figured I would switch up my schedule a little and bring you the review for “Whisper” a little early.

This was a book I pre-ordered a few months ago and I’m glad I did.  I have been so wound up in request lately that I have barley had time to read anything of my own, and when I finally find the time to indulge myself,  I devour it in just a few hours.

There are aspects of “Whisper” that were original, and some that were a tad bit copy cattish, but thankfully, the mixture of the two made for an original plot.

Joy has a gift… she can hear everyone’s thoughts. Taking the advice of her mother (who is also a Hearer) she decides to make the world a happier place by granting peoples wishes (Have a sudden urge for chocolate? No problem 1 Snickers bar coming up), but after a knock down drag out with her clunky boot wearing, black pants sporting sister, and a migraine headache that makes the apocalypse sound like a good idea, Joy’s little gift suddenly flip flops from “Positive” to “Negative.” What happens when you suddenly realize no one likes you? What happens when your sister decides to take your advice and runaway? And more importantly what is up with that weird loaner boy from school?

As good as this book ended (in all honesty) it started off in a funk.  I almost tapped out after a few chapters because of its lack of originality, and the fact that the main character just plan annoyed me with her constant need to overanalyze and whine, but thankfully, once “Phoebe Kitanidis” got past her boring setup (the “Positive”) and got to the plot (the “Negative”) the book became action packed (Yes… there were bouts of grand theft auto) and enjoyable.  The writing was average, leaving me nothing to really rant about in either direction, and like I said before, once the plot was established it was clean and smooth. The character development was equal all the way around and the ending was rounded off nicely.

Overall? This is probably one of the most boring reviews I’ve ever written. Why? Because the book was good.  Not great, not horrible, their were no major editing or writing flaws, and the length was just right.  Whoever knew I could be so average about a book.

There were funeral home lilies, oblivious Dads, bathroom brawls, a wasted cup of coffee, drug dealers, dread-lock induced fires, and 1 very revealing drive to Seattle.

I think it’s worth the time and the cash so…Get it, Live it, Love it and pass it on.

Happy Reading my fellow Wave-riders and remember: When in doubt, ask your crazy aunt… even if she’s wrong at least she’ll be entertaining.

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    1. Brianna! Wow good question. I have been in some pretty spooky places and seen some pretty creepy things. I grew up in waxahachie Texas which is know to have several nationally known haunted houses. I’ve had a few doors slammed in my face by pissed off spirits. But I’m general I’m just a believer. I’m a chrisitian and I do think that we all eventually end up in heaven or hell, but I don’t think the path to get there is straight forward. I think people can get stuck trying to find their intended path. Does that make any sense?

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