Questionable Morals Required

I’ve never read a “Blog-Novel” before, so you are going to have to bare with me and my inexperience, but wow…what a wild ride. With a genre so foreign to me I was uncertain as to what to expect. Yes… people write blogs (obviously) people chat online, people even create whole new lives on sites like “Second Life” but to take these elements and ultimately form them into a story had me not only a little book-shy, but astounded at the bravery it must take to step outside of the box.

While I’m not going to spout prolifics and say this novel will inspire world peace, and change your life, I will say that it was shamefully intriguing. Instead of reading a book, it’s more like eavesdropping in on private conversations… you know you shouldn’t, you know it’s wrong, but damn it if you just can’t help yourself. There is nothing people (secretly) wish for more than knowing all the dark inner thoughts of the people around them, so (again) while this book will not change your life, it is liable to calm some of those secret “busy-body” fetishes you claim to know nothing about.

Jade a “fresh out of an all girls school” 17 year old… is confused. She’s confused about her future, she’s confused about her sexuality, and she’s confused by her childhood friend who just asked her for some nude pics. In a flurry of over-thought and endless blogging Jade tries in vain to find her way. Is she really that superficial? What is she really supposed to think when he doesn’t show up? And most importantly… where the crap does she find money for all of her “retail therapy?”

Just a couple things to be aware of if you plan on purchasing this book. # 1. There is an enormous amount of sex talk, so if the topic (in general) leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth, steer clear cause that is roughly 90% of this book. # 2. If you purchase it for your Kindle, be aware that sometimes the conversations look jumbled (but you will get used to it.) And # 3 there are tons of ttyl, omg, tt, bcos, lol’s and irl’s so if you are completely lost on text chat you will be completely lost on this book.

All in all it was an interesting read that for some reason I couldn’t put down. I don’t think it’s for everyone, but if you are willing to “try new things” this might be just the book for you, just be sure the read the full book description before making any rash decisions.

Happy reading my fellow Bloggers and remember: we are all victims of self analyzation… it’s what you do with your self criticism that counts.

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