Roid Rage

Do you ever have those days where you want to do absolutely nothing; sit in bed and gorge out on bon-bons while the rest of the world does amazingly productive things? (Please nod your head because I don’t want to feel like  the only loser on the planet) Today was one of those days for me. Long story short, yesterday (the day I have formally dubbed “The Nursing Home Debacle of 2011”) sucked.  I spent hours (HOURS!) stuck in a Dr’s office surrounded by people who (despite my killer glare and several inconspicuous coughing fits) did NOT get the hint that all I wanted to do was pretend I was on a cruise to Tahiti and read my book. As a result…I woke up in a crabby mood with the motivation of a pot smoking snail, (<– that’s slang for “none”) Since my motivation was pretty much as low as it can get, I came to the realization that zombie thrillers, psychological who-ta-do’s and anything of the fantasy variety probably wasn’t a good idea, (they require brain function…no pun intended.) So instead I opted for this, “Blind Sided” by Cheryl Leigh. A no thought required, could pop up on ABC Family at any moment romance novel.  (Fist pump for romance!)

“Jenna Rainey can turn the reality of the bitter northeastern winter wind into a daydream of her childhood summers in Texas just by sinking to the bottom of the pool. It’s only a brief respite from the climate that she detests, but it’s the only one she’ll get after relocating from her southern home to Baltimore to live with her cousins, Rowdy and Laura. A tragic drunk driving accident has robbed Jenna of her mother and damaged her eyes, transforming a successful college graduate into a lonely, disabled dependant.

“After finding employment as a spin instructor and volunteer at the local school for blind children, she begins to gain confidence and independence in her new surroundings. When Jenna meets Rick Bentley, a swimming coach and accomplished athlete, her feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability mask her kindness leaving him rightly offended and their first two encounters threaten to be their last. It will take forgiveness, loving families, and a debilitating migraine to take their two broken hearts and make them into one great everlasting love.”

So first…lets start with what this book IS NOT. It is NOT a YA novel.  It is NOT a Harlequin (the sweaty sailor saved me from a man-eating octopus) novel.  It is NOT erotica. It is NOT depressing (though it does have a few tear worthy moments) and it is NOT for everyone.

What this book is, is a nicely written CLEAN romance with a few (and I do mean FEW) religious undertones and a pleasant plot.

The characters are believable, and flawed (which makes them wonderfully realistic.) Especially Rick, who (like most of us) jumps to conclusions, has demons in his past and has a hard time swallowing his pride.  These traits mixed with Jenna’s southern charm make for a delightfully charismatic couple.

As for the plot, it’s nice. Yes, it can be a bit hokey at times (think Valerie Bertinelli ala the Hallmark Channel) but the simpleness of it is what makes the book work. (Sometimes less really is more.)

Overall, I thought it was a cute book, with a few great moments of depth, and glimpses of unexpected sparkle.  It may not be for everyone, but it will definitely call to those of you that are into romance for more than heavy petting and 1 night stands.

Happy Reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: it’s not stalking if they don’t catch you. Right?

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