Romeo oh Romeo

Every once in a while the planets align, and when they do, everything grounded to them aligns as well.  Today’s particular alignment just happened to focus on the fair city of Verona.  A few days ago I was sent “Finding Juliet” by Frank Sennett a novel based on a cities tradition of (not only) writing letters to one of Shakespeare’s most influential lovers, but also the effect a reply can have on a person’s soul. Today I watched “Letters to Juliet”  same general concept, different media outlet. (I think Shakespeare is trying to tell me something. Let’s hope its “you should take a vacation to Italy”)

Now, while I won’t give you details about the movie (cause lets face it… I’m much better with the written word.) I will tell you that the literary version of this little trip down destiny lane was nothing short of charming.

Nick is a mess, he just found out that his girlfriend cheated on him with a drama major and (on a whim) his best friend is using his “love for collecting ticket stubs” as a writing assignment.  Lia (on the other hand) is too afraid to be a mess. She’s afraid of taking chances, she’s afraid of her impending divorce, and more importantly she’s afraid of love.  But the fate of these two damaged people quickly changes with the writing of 1 little letter.

“Dearest Juliet,
Rather than kill myself, I have decided to pour my grief into a letter this night. Would only that you had done the same upon finding your lover dead with lips still warm and touched with poison.

As it is, you are not only fictional, but extinguished. I only hope your spirit paid no heed to these cruel tricks of paper fate, so that you might yet provide the comfort I seek.

I spill ink instead of blood because, although my true love lives, her love for me has died. I do not wish to compound my tragedy with desperate measures that would stir only contempt within her breast. As the target of my rejection has rejected me, any harm I do myself, I do only to myself. It is a lesson well learned before the act is done.”

Can a broken soul from America find love through the responses of a (seemingly) fictional character?  Can a lost spirit find peace in the arms of a stranger? And when exactly is everyone going to start telling the truth?

“Sennettcreated what we crave… love, and passion, and the ability to believe in the impossible.  He took 1 tiny spec of culture and morphed it into a tale of acceptance and understanding, and he did it all while spouting the break-taking prose of  “Shakespeare.”  It is unnecessary to criticize or breakdown the complexities of this novel like I usually do, for no other reason than the unwavering belief that I would ruin forever the telling of it.  This is a book to enjoy, to savor, and to dream upon.  This is a book to read, not rip apart.

If you love “Love,”  if you believe in fate and all that that word encompasses, the please take part in just this little piece of it. I dare say you won’t be disappointed.

Happy reading my fellow Capulet’s and remember: “My only love doth spring from my only hate.”

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