Sometimes Words Are All You Have

It has been almost a year since I started KindleObsessed, and yesterday something occurred to me… I’m difficult to please. I know, I know… most of y’all are shaking your heads right now saying “Really Misty? It took you an entire years worth of bashing books to realize you’re a complete pain in the ass?” Yeah, well… apparently. To be honest I’m not quite sure where it comes from. Could it be the number of books I have read in my relatively young 29 years?  Is it the artistic side of my head that has me demanding more from the people who also call themselves creative? Or maybe… just maybe it’s the well known fact that I used to read Thesauruses for fun.  Who knows… or even better… why would you care? You probably don’t,  but that being said… I do actually have a point so I guess I’d better get to it.

I read “His Eyes” over a week ago with every intention of writing a review on it, but the later in the week it got, the more I felt ashamed of my views on this particular piece of work, and wanted to spare the author my thoughts.  The story was actually a good one. Well thought out, wonderful characters, believable. “So what’s the problem?” I’m sure your asking.  Ok, I’ll tell you. It needed to “be more.”

Let me explain, (be more is kind of a vague thought) This was the story of a teenage girl and her quest to fund her really expensive college experience.  In order to pad her pockets she does what most would do… she gets a job.  This job however, is not like every other job, (flipping burgers or brewing lattes) no, this job is to be a “babysitter” for a blind boy, (who in a twist turns out to be her age). Now… we all know where this story goes, it’s kind of predictable, (and that’s ok) it’s not always about the ending, sometimes it’s about the journey, but when the journey feels as though it is at warp speed, there is a problem.

As I said before, I didn’t think the book was bad, it was just lacking. Renee Carter created this wonderful world of circumstantial love, she set up her characters, she drew her audience in, and then she just… well… dropped the ball. Just when I started to really get into the story it ended. She waited way to long to introduce her 3rd act, and then only allowed herself roughly 10 pages to clean it up and make it tidy.  Why?  Is there some digital paper Nazi out there I am unaware of? Why would someone take such great care in creating a world, and forming a relationship with her characters just to tap out when things were getting too emotional?

I guess this is something I’ll never understand, or maybe it is something I should just learn to live with…because lately it seems to be the norm, but do you know what gets me most of all? The sadness that erupts from me when I can tell an author just gave up.

Happy reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: sometimes being honest hurts.

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