Take That Brad Pitt!!

I’d be lying if I said that being a book blogger doesn’t come with some pretty substantial perks. I get to chat with authors that (under normal circumstances) would be considered un-touchable, am offered up a pretty broad spectrum of free books, (with nothing more than an understanding that I will blab to the world my unadulterated thoughts on it’s general worthiness,) and every once in a great while find my name attached to words that would make even the most egocentric of us blush, but last month…a month that by all standards was “same shit, different day,” I was hit with the pinnacle of book blogger awesomeness. I was offered an ARC copy of the upcoming novel “Bite Club” (by the beautiful and wonderfully talented Ms. Rachel Caine) Now… if you know me at all you probably understand my excitement, but if not…let me take just a moment to explain. When I first purchased my Kindle (over 2 years ago) I did 2 things: 1. Showed it off to everyone that would stop long enough to listen, and 2. Downloaded every “Morganville Vampire” book available. For a few months these books were the only thing on my kindle. They were (in a sense) the books that de-virganized it, and because of this, I formed a (mildly sick) attachment to them. I love the books, I crave the characters, and most of all I adore Rachel Caine. The woman who, with just a few taps on her keyboard, took my gently rolling (home)state of Texas, and turned it into a place of paranormal chaos and die hard affection.

Unfortunately, the second I received my little treasure in the mail, I became apprehensive. Why? Because I vowed about a year ago to stop reviewing series novels on my site. Not FIRST books of course, but those that are strictly reserved for real fans, (book numbers 5, 9, 14…you get the idea) I refused (quite pompously actually) to turn into the girl who (per duty) had to write SPOILER ALERT on every thing she wrote, and so I stopped. My neuroses, (regarding Bite Club) however, was calmed once I finally started reading it, and realized I had more to say than just a predictable “Yep…this one was good too.” How is this possible you ask (since this is indeed a number 10 in a series) simple…Caine did something she has never done before, and because of this…the way in which I read the book was completely different than anything (of hers) I have read before.

***Ok… this is indeed the point where I tell you to stop reading if you haven’t finished book #9 – cause it will spoil the ending and I won’t be held responsible for any crushed literary genes.***

Everyone knows that Shane has anger-management issues, and until now…that’s only been a tiny problem. But with the opening of a new gym in town (one that’s run by vampires of course) Shane’s “little issue” suddenly becomes a huge problem. His behavior becomes erratic, the fondness he once held for his friends is gone, and the trust he had in Claire is non-existent. In an effort to find out what exactly is causing Shane to morph into the worst possible version of himself Claire, Michael and Eve follow him. Unfortunately, Shane is less than thrilled, and in spectacular fit of rage threatens each with injury and in Michael’s case…death. At a loss they return home, but only to be interrupted by a mysterious phone call that might just (unknowingly) hold the key to all of the answers. What is Bite Club? Who is running it? And will the answers come in time to save Shane, from both himself, and a fight that may end with him 6 feet underground.

So, here is the part where I tell you all about Caine’s magical transformation in writing. Duel Narration. While I know (in general) this isn’t a foreign concept, in the Morganville books it is. Not once have we been offered the inner workings of two lead parties, (in the same book) while trolopsing around Vamp town. Why? Who knows, but I can tell you that her choice to finally fire that gun paid off in spectacular form. This was not just a book about a “Vampires vs Normal Folk” fight club. This was a novel about a boy who struggles daily with his abusive past and the difficulties in keeping a positive outlook. If this story (like the others) had been told from only Claire’s perspective the story as a whole would have been flat and, well…predictable. But, allowing her readers to enter the mind of the person being internally tortured, and then switching to the perspective of those WATCHING it happen, enabled us to form a more emotional attachment to all of the (very lovely crafted) twists in the plot.

Do I think this is the BEST book of the Morganville series? No, but I will go on record as saying…it’s the one that’s going to stick with me in regards to every up-coming emotional (and physical) battle they are doomed to face.

Morganville fans will not be disappointed. I assure you.

Happy Reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: We are not pre-destined to become our parents. We are pre-destined to live our lives, and learn the lesson that our parents taught us, regardless of their negative or positive connotation.

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4 thoughts on “Take That Brad Pitt!!

  1. I have not read any of this series yet but I will trust you and move it up on the tbr list. I just finished Swan Song but Robert Mccammon and am needing something a little lighter – hopefully some vampires will get me out of the whole end of the world/fires/torture/amputation/crazy ass devil guy funk…

  2. Super excited to read the new Morganville Vampire… the last couple in the series were fillers, despite how beautiful the first handful were.

    1. I completely agree with you. This is the 1st in a while I’ve felt is leading up to something much more significant

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