Waiting For The Punch Line

One of the things I love so much about paranormal/fantasy novels is their amazing attention to detail.  Worlds beyond comprehension are created and characters, with otherwise impossible abilities, are summoned up from the imaginarium of the authors mind.

Now, all that being said I was pretty excited by the idea of a “paranormal-magic tracking” private investigator, unfortunately having a fantastic idea doesn’t always equal great execution.

For those of you who have ever watched a film noir  or noir shorts you will easily understand the format for “Tracking Magic (Max Killian Investigations)” Here was a novel that was written as a series of short stories which are (when you break it down) actually case files for the PI Max Killian, (a somewhat blase’ middle-aged investigator who -to be honest- makes a brick wall sound exciting.)

After Schnieder’s 1st story “Haunting Clues”,  (which I thought ended abruptly and had no substance) I was certain things would get better… there was just so much potential there, but instead of getting better, (expanding the personal attributes of Max or even bringing in references of older cases) the stories just…stayed the same. They were (in places) mildly entertaining, but the obvious repetition in the beginning of each story ( yes – I get it, you don’t tell people you can smell magic because then you will be taxed by the government) had me tuning out.

Would I count “Schnieder” out of the writers talent pool? No… she just needs to focus more on where she wants her “Hero” to go.

Do I think “Tracking Magic” is worth the time? Well since it only took me 2 and a half hours to read, sure… I’m just not all that sure I’d want to pay $2.00 for that 2 hours.

Read if you have NOTHING else.

Happy reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: The IRS eventually finds everyone.. there is no point in hiding… they are like a bad case of Ebola with no vaccine.

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