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monstrumologistI really hate when I have to do reviews like this… well, I must not hate it too much or the fact would remain that I wouldn’t, however here we are… the dreaded dislike.

I was relatively excited about this book! Monsters and the men who study them…what more could a freak of nature like me ask for? Not a hell of a lot…right? Wrong… Even though they are sometimes hard to find, and even harder to describe,  I do actually have standards. “Monstrumologist” didn’t live up to any of them.

The synopsis sounded exciting… if I remember it correctly it spouted something like “shocks frequent and shrouded in a splattery miasma of blood, bone, pus, and maggots,” what I got however was a drug out description of a mentally unstable “Monster Dr.” and his too young ward that was as equally dull as his mentor.

How drug out was it exactly?? Hum.. I guess I would equate it to the duration of a double root canal, performed in a third world country, while using Orajel as an anesthetic.  IT WAS RIDICULOUS!!!  As a matter of fact, a book that should have taken me all of a day to read has yet to be completed…after 2 weeks of forcing myself to get interested I finally just gave up.  50% was all I could muster and even that was pushing it.

I almost feel sorry for “Rick Yancy,” his previous books where actually enjoyable, but after reading this slop I seriously doubt I will venture into any of his make believe worlds again.

The only positive I can give is a big ‘ol “WaaHoo” that I didn’t actually shell out dough for this stinker, even though in the end I did fell like I paid for it…in headaches and heavy sighs.

Save your money peeps…buy a dictionary…it’s much more interesting.

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