When Our Heads Get In The Way

When I was in Jr. High my Sunday school class decided to study the book of “Job”. Up until this point I had never done any extensive studying of a particular book, just stand alone versus, so the fact that I shook with the anticipation of learning what would happen next (to this poor soul – as I liked to refer to him at the time) floored me. Over the years I have continued to study the bible, reading scripture and trying (sometimes is vain) to make it make sense to me. Sometimes I fail horribly, while other times the message I read sparks like a lightning bolt to my brain, I get it instantly. Now, after all these years one fact remains… I remember the book of “Job” more than any other book I have ever read. Why am I telling you all of this you may ask? Because “Job” has just come back to life in James L Rubarts’ novel “Rooms”

We all travel through our lives with a set plan, some are significantly more ambitious than others, but regardless if your “plan” is to eat that 1 lb tub of gummy bears before next Monday, or become a millionaire by the time you are 30… the fact remains that you have a plan. For Micah the plan was to put a house up for sale and go back to his corporate life in Seattle, but when the house (that his deceased uncle left him) starts to sprout extra rooms that speak to his soul, calling Caldwell Banker doesn’t seem all that simple anymore. LIFE doesn’t seem all that simple anymore. With daily assaults of horrendous childhood memories and a slew of possibilities Micah is forced to make a choice, walk the path that God has forged for him, or walk the path that he forged for himself. Both choices have their ups and downs, and the art of choosing is the most difficult of all. Would you give up everything for a slim chance of happiness or would giving up everything make you unhappy?

Writing a spiritual novel is a quest all on its own, for the author (more often than not) they are slaves to the voice inside their heart vs. the voices of the publishing Gods, but when an author can merge a life lesson into a genuinely intriguing plot, what’s left is simply beautiful. Here is a novel that was captivating from the 1st chapter, reaching out to grab it’s audience with the reality of inner confliction. Which way do I go? To whom do I turn? The “lesson” was blatantly obvious (as it rightfully should have been) but the way in which it was expressed was refreshing and thought provoking. Rubart posed questions many of us would feel uncomfortable asking ourselves, but he did it in a way that left you unable to avoid the answers.

I nod my head in a sincere kudos to the man that chose to write a beautiful piece of literature, “because he had something to say.” And I encourage those of you that are wandering the path of uncertainty to join in the journey Rubart has created.

Happy reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: we are all tightly wound balls of yarn, and it’s not until we start to unravel that we see what can be made out of a few tiny strings.

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5 thoughts on “When Our Heads Get In The Way

  1. Wow. Good review Misty. I have this book waiting to be read on my kindle. Got it free a few weeks ago. Def have to read it next.

    1. Yeah I got it for free too (it’s like $10 bucks now.. so yea us!) it was a nice surprise, and a VERY interesting way of showing life’s choices.

  2. And I have to admit that I was interested in the cover. I’m a “judges book by it’s cover” girl. I had no idea it was a Christian book.

  3. Misty,

    One of the most intelligent reviews I’ve read of my book. Thanks for taking time to read ROOMS.

    Also, it’s clear you have a gift for writing.

    Live free,


    1. Thank you so much. It was beautifully educational in the spiritual sence and was glad that I happened to stumble upon it.

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