When Perfect is Scared

bloomAfter finishing what I thought was the longest book on the planet yesterday, today I was MORE than pleased with this quick, YA read.

“Bloom” was cute, not brilliant, not life altering, but cute.  As a matter of fact it kind of reminded me of an exaggerated short story.  The plot was not overly complex,  the character development was just detailed enough to keep you reading, and in the end, you are rewarded with an honest to goodness, “and they lived happily ever after” ending.

While I will go on record saying that “Elizabeth Scott” should have spent a little more time with her angst (the kiss and “I like you” was too fast) and her overall plot, ( a best friend that is constantly taking care of her twin brothers…but no explanation as to why) I’m not going to say I didn’t enjoy it.

Lauren has a wonderful life…on the outside.  Perfect boyfriend, doting best friend, and an easy life due to a father that builds multi-million dollar homes, but in the inside she is a train wreck. Her mother skipped out when she was a child, leaving her questioning her ability to not only believe that people are capable of loving her, but also leaves her with an underlying anxiety for making smart choices. Play it safe…stable is good..stable leads to a happy home…stable will lead to… LOVE?

As a result she settles for Dave…the nice guy, because he’s safe, even when EVERY fiber of her being is screaming at her to be with Evan, her childhood friend.

She lies to her friends and herself about her feelings, and in the end, finds herself on an abandoned street corner crying uncontrollably and screaming at herself for turning into not only one but both of her neglectful parents.

The story is a simple one, boy #1 loves girl…girl tolerates boy #1 but loves boy #2. Overall? Just your everyday garden variety YA book.

If you like sweet stories.

If you want a read that takes virtually no thought at all., that you can read quickly.

Then by all means..knock your lights out.

But if you are a person that dwells and thrives off of complicated story lines this book is NOT for you.

Happy reading my fellow Kindle-ites, and remember… if you play a musical instrument that requires a reed, your mouth WILL stink after an hour of playing it…do the human population a favor and invest in a breath-mint.

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