When Sleeping Is Not Enough

I didn’t actually plan on writing this review until Friday, but as I rounded the last 2% percent of this artfully crafted novel, my need to immediately put my thoughts to paper was almost overwhelming.

I have never encountered a book that embodied my personality more than “Tuesday Tells it Slant.” Lets just say, for all intents and purposes…that I am in fact Tuesday. (p.s. Tuesday is a name, not a weekday reference)

1. She is a book reviewer who has absolutely no problem telling someone that their book is a waste of space.

2. She should probably be writing books herself but lacks the inspiration to do so.

3. She refuses to throw away books because, in her mind, it should be considered a crime, and

4. She is willing to do almost anything to make the past disappear.

Growing up for Tuesday was…interesting. With a twin sister who enjoyed chucking the occasional milk cartoon at people, and a childhood friend that was secretly in love with her, life was bound to be full of surprises, but when interesting turns to unfathomable Tuesday loses focus. With her world suddenly turned upside down she decides that re-writing the past is a more acceptable answer than dealing with the future. How far would you go to slant your memories? Who would you unknowingly hurt in the process and would slanting your past skew your future?

Despite the underlying darkness of “Tuesday Tells it Slant” it was actually quite witty. “Holly Christine’s” writing had eloquence to it I was not expecting, and the novel as a whole gave me a much deeper appreciation for Emily Dickinson (whom I had otherwise considered a general waste of my brain matter.) The plot was written from 1 perspective, but in several different mediums, which could have (very easily) made this a difficult read, but a flowing plot and seamless transitions allowed the reader to keep pace with the (helpfully) dated flashbacks and diary entries.

Do I think this book is for everyone? No. It is not an epic romance, it is not an escape from reality, it is not a thoughtless read, what it is… is a lesson in dealing with the reality of life when it happens.

There was a spectacular revenge plot involving spoiled milk, a fight to save a book store, the invention of the orange skittle, adventures in teenage goldfish eating, a very stinky car, and 1 street-side hypnotherapy session that changed a life forever.

For those of you who do decide purchase this diamond in the rough…enjoy the beautiful prose, experience the inner-workings of an authors mind, and relish in the little details that make us human. Get it, Live it, Love it…pass it on.

Happy reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: “2 minutes in sorrow will make you fall flat”

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  1. What a great review! I found this book on the website Shelfari.com it was on a friend’s shelf. It was a steal at $1.99 for the Kindle edition. I downloaded it for a camping trip and finished before the trip was over. A totally unique book. Again, you do an excellent job in reviewing it and letting people know what its about without spoiling it for them.

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