When The Tables Turn

For anyone that reads “series novels” you know there is nothing more agonizing than waiting for the next book, but when you read a book, love a book, and in no way expect a follow-up to it, you become just that much more excited when 6 months down the road they announce its predecessor. I first read “Shiver” by Maggie Stiefvater in September of 2009, and was instantly impressed with it’s originality and beautiful writing. Stiefvater created two very lovable characters, in one very unfortunate situation, and she did it in a way that left the rest of her YA/Paranormal peers in the dust. Her story of a lonely boy who just happens to be a wolf during the winter, and the girl he falls madly in love with was an instant hit, debuting in the #9 spot on the NY Times Bestseller list, and more recently being purchased by Unique Features to be brought to the big screen. Through all of this however, a follow-up was never mentioned… Until January of 2010. To say I was exited would be the understatement of the century, I was ECSTATIC, but with overwhelming joy, comes overwhelming expectations… 7 months of built up expectations to be more specific, and I’m happy to say, that for once, my head didn’t out write the book.

(If you have not read Shiver please stop reading… There are some whopper spoilers to follow and I don’t want to ruin it for you.)

In “Shiver” Sam and Grace race against time, and nature to do the impossible… change the fate of their lives, and their love. In “Linger” the race is on again, only this time… it’s a different kind of race. Grace is tired of her parents. Tired of them being absent, tired of them pretending they give a crap, and tired of them all of a sudden telling her she can’t see the love of her life. Sam is wreck, still emotionally unstable from the dramatic shift in his overall existence he spends more time walking on his tip toes than enjoying life… that is until something strange starts happening to Grace. Will Grace’s sudden need for defiance endanger her well being, and will Sam be able to hold himself together long enough to do what is necessary to save her life?

With the introduction of 2 new narrative characters (Isabel and Cole) Stiefvater took her game to a whole new level, not only did she allow you to keep feeling your emotional connection to Sam and Grace, (that was established through sweat and tears in the first novel) but she created a whole new tangle of teen angst, and unpredictable behaviour through the miss-guided intentions of a former drug addict turned wolf. Now, (while I’ll admit) I was a little lost in the forefront of this novel (more because it has been a year since I read Shiver) the writing as a whole was no less captivating. The only flaw I can note is that the plot took a little longer to establish than I thought necessary… but once it got going it was flawless, (so my complaint becomes pretty insignificant) The ending was (in my opinion) the piece de resistance and was (of course) geniusly plotted for a 3rd book. (Smart girl Maggie… smart-smart-younger-than-me-I’m-so-jealous-of-you girl)

If you have yet to read Shiver … #1 I told you to stop reading 2 paragraphs ago so shame on you, and #2 get your booty in the car, or on the computer and buy it right now. If you HAVE read Shiver… read Linger… it is everything you hoped it would be, only in reverse, and upside down.

Happy reading my fellow Wolf-lovers and remember: if you feed them they will come.

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4 thoughts on “When The Tables Turn

  1. I have yet to read Shiver and I’m now aching to read your review of Linger! I read your first paragraph and then skipped to the bottom-because you said so. However I did start reading again at just the right part. I’m so proud of myself. I will go get Shiver! If for NO OTHER REASON than to be able to read your review of Linger.
    (I’m so very tempted… but I’ll be good)

  2. I had to stop where you said to stop. Wondering how these books compare to the Portal Chronichles.

    1. Well… Portal and Equilibrium aren’t exactly on the same wave length as Shiver and Linger, so I think comparing the 2 would be hard. The 2 similarities they have are romance and paranormal but that’s just in the genre tagging end of things. Here is my advice to you if you are unsure if you want to read Shiver. If you like the following details you will enjoy the series. 1. Unrequited love 2. Shape Shifters 3. Angst 4. Destitution 5. YA

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