Who Says You Need Your Hands?

FADEA cop thriller….hum…never, EVER would have guessed that if I was a “judge the book by the cover” type of girl.  Good thing I’m not.

I was a little apprehensive about starting “Fade.” After the disastrous beginning of “Wake” I was concerned that “Lisa McMann” would back slide and start this book the same way. I am please to say…she did not. My brain thanks her immensely.

If you read “Wake” then you know the background for “Fade” damaged girl who walks in peoples dreams meets cute damaged boy who has daddy issues and is an undercover cop.  You also learned that Janie signed a contract with the police force offering her services as a “mental narc.”

Enter book 2.

“Fade” was well written.  It picks up a few months after the 1st ended and follows Janie and Cable through the battles of their next assignment…Catching a sexual predator”

The main problem? Janie is the bait

The underlying problem? Cable doesn’t handle it very well…no, let me rephrase that…Cable doesn’t handle it at ALL.

It had condescending gym teachers, creepy secret journals, wandering hands, exploding beakers, and a boy who has fairly significant commitment issues.

Overall? I liked it.

Again…I knocked it out in 3 hours so obviously it didn’t take an exorbinate amount of energy to read, but… was still detailed enough to keep me going.

There is a 3rd book (still in the works) called “Gone” and it will be the LAST installment in this series. I will (believe it or not) be anxiously awaiting its release, because at the end of the day, of all the books I have read in my life, of all the characters I have met and come to know like the back of my hand; I relate to Cable the most…and all I want for him is happiness.

Merry Wednesday my lovelies..and remember: If your Chem. 2 teacher offers you a meatball…kindly decline.

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