Bikers Vs. Billionaires Blog Tour


Bikers Vs. Billionaires Blog Tour

 Featuring Julie Ann Walker, Julie Kenner, Jennifer Probst, and Ella Goode


Which is sexier, a biker or a billionaire? This could be the ultimate question in the romance community. After all, who can choose between a thousand dollar silk tie or a rough leather jacket? A growling Harley or a sleek Porsche? Today we’ve got authors Julie Ann Walker, Julie Kenner, Jennifer Probst, and Ella Goode debating the merits of their biker and billionaire heroes. Who wins? The readers!



JulieAnnJulie Ann Walker

When asked the question of whether bikers are hotter than billionaires or vice-versa, I have only one answer… one word for you: tattoos. I mean, a bulging arm is hot. A bulging arm with ink? *fans self* Hello, baby! Light my fire! And how about a washboard stomach? Sexy, right? Now picture that washboard stomach with a little something tattooed around the belly button… or under the belly button… or leading down to… ahem. You get where I’m going. Sha-wing! And last but not least, imagine, if you will, a broad back that narrows into that classic, alpha-male V-shape. Now close your eyes and see it with a big, badass tattoo stretching shoulder-to-shoulder. Is there really any comparison? Hell, no! Bikers are the best because they’re tough, titillating, and, last but not lease, TATTOOED!


JulieKennerJulie Kenner

What makes a billionaire sexy — confidence! What billionaire isn’t confident? Raine Engel, my newest billionaire hero is as confident as they come It’s there in every little thing, even in the way he enters a room. Meet Raine, in Caress of Darkness:

I turn in my chair and see that a hinged bookshelf is moving inward to reveal a hidden hallway. And, of course, Raine.

I swallow, suddenly at a loss for words. Yesterday, he’d been dressed casually. Today, I think he could take on corporate America. As he strides toward me in a perfectly tailored suit, he seems to exude the kind of power and confidence that can make things happen with little more than a glance.

“Hello, Callie,” he says, but what I hear is “I want you.”


Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 8.54.48 AMElla Goode

Rules don’t apply to bikers which means it doesn’t matter how forbidden you are to him, he’s going to ride in on his big mean bike and sweep you off your feet. The hero of His Wild Desire Grant “Wrecker” Harrison doesn’t care that everyone in his small hometown views Chelsea as his step-sister. There’s no blood relation between the two and Grant has wanted her forever. Now that he’s out of prison, he’s not going to let a small thing like the town’s disapproval keep him from claiming Chelsea as his own.

Take a ride with the Death Lords and you won’t want to ever stop.


Jennifer-Probst-1-Crop-258x300Jennifer Probst

 Let’s face it. Billionaires are pure alpha males. And that can beat a badass biker every time. They are used to people obeying them, calling the shots, and controlling their own world and others. They think nothing of making decisions for both themselves and others, and that kind of self confidence is sexy as hell. It is the ultimate challenge–to bend an alpha to her will, or soften his steel with the whisper of love. Breaking down an alpha male’s walls, or going head to head with such arrogance is one of the most exciting dynamics of being involved with a billionaire. Give me a man who is sure of himself and goes after what he wants every time.



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