Book Blogger Awards!!! – Please Vote :)

Good Morning Kindle-ites! Well, today is officially the day where I beg y’all for something. I am casting all of my pride, self-respect, and general egoism to the side in hopes that YOU my lovely dedicated readers will throw me a bone and VOTE for KindleObsessed!!

That’s right ladies and gents…I am a nominee for the YA division of Goodreads’ Independent Book Blogger Awards and I want it so damn bad I can taste it, BUT (<—notice how big that but is) I can’t do it without YOU!!!  Without your vote I won’t make it past round 1.  If I don’t get past round 1 I don’t get a chance to go to BEA this year (because I can’t afford a $3000 jaunt to NYC) which means I won’t get as many goodies through out the year to give to YOU!! (feeling guilty aren’t ya. lol) Anyways… in case you have no idea what this award is about here are the details AND if you love me whole bunches (like y’all claim to) PLEASE please PlEaSe hit the vote now button.


The 411

Voting for finalists for the first Independent Book Blogger Awards, recognizing “the amazing talent in book blogging today,” have begun and will run through April 23. The awards will be given in four categories–adult fiction, adult nonfiction, children’s/YA and industry news–and are sponsored by Goodreads and the Association of American Publishers. Winners will be chosen by a committee of industry representatives and announced about May 8. Winners in each category receive a free trip to BEA in New York City. 


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10 thoughts on “Book Blogger Awards!!! – Please Vote :)

  1. It’ll let me vote for you ONLY once…HOW do I get around that and vote a few dozen more times? Sneaky, I know, but I’m trying to help you get to NYC…I live here, and it’s a GREAT town! Lol
    Any thoughts?

    1. I know!!!! Evil Goodreads. 1 vote. Boo!

      I love NYC too. It’s been freaking 8 years since I’ve been there & I’m desperate to go back. (if I wasn’t tied down here I’d move there in a heartbeat!)

      If I get there…we’ll do lunch!

      1. NYC is a great place to have lunch! Lol. I have three more computers at home (I’m working right now), so I’ll try to log on tonight and vote three more times! It’s not much, but I’ll do my best. Anyone who has this much passion and wants to go to the IBBAs that badly deserves a shot!
        Thanx for a great blog.
        (“…and the trip goes to…KindleObsessed Misty!”)

  2. voted for you!!! I love your site, look for it everyday on FB so I can see what you have to say!

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