Book News: A Sad Loss & A New Beginning


The Passing of a Legend


Obituary Note: Jan Berenstain

Jan Berenstain, who with her husband, Stan Berenstain, wrote and illustrated the Berenstain Bears books for 50 years, has died. She was 88. She suffered a severe stroke on Thursday and died Friday without regaining consciousness, her son Mike Berenstain told the Associated Press. Stan Berenstain passed away in 2005.

Stan and Jan Berenstain, both Philadelphia natives, met as 18-year-olds on their first day of art school in 1941 and married in 1946. The first Berenstain Bears book, The Big Honey Hunt, was published in 1962, and they added more than 300 titles in 23 languages. After her husband’s death in 2005, Jan Berenstain continued working with their younger son, Michael, to create additional Berenstain Bears books.

In a heartfelt note to colleagues, Kate Klimo, v-p and publisher of Random House/Golden Books Young Readers Group, said that whenever the husband-and-wife team were asked who was responsible for what in the creation of their books, “Stan said that he blocked out the stories, Jan designed the new characters, and everything else they shared. They were collaborators in the purest sense of the word.” Klimo expressed the sentiments of legion Berenstain Bears fans when she said, “It’s hard to imagine a world without Mama Bear, who solves all problems and makes everything better.”  – – – Shelf Awareness



Harry is Finally Ebook Bound!


For those of you that have been fretting over the absence of Harry in ebook format….your wait it finally over! Pottermore and OverDrive came to an agreement yesterday allowing OverDrive to host digital fulfillments of ALL of the Harry Potter books throughout it’s network of public and school libraries!

“We are keen to support public and school libraries, and OverDrive, as one of the leading suppliers in this market, provides us with a global network that helps us achieve this, as well as encouraging the discovery of these amazing books across the world,” said Pottermore CEO Charlie Redmayne.  

Steve Potash, OverDrive CEO and president, praised Rowling’s series as “a once-a-lifetime phenomenon and has been an extremely significant catalyst for reading and literacy for current and future generations. We are honored to bring this beloved storytelling experience digitally to public and school libraries  worldwide.”

Unfortunately…at the moment, there is no confirmed launch date, BUT…when it finally does happen, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about it coming to a library near you. Why? Because not only will these magical books be brought to you in English…but 20 other languages as well!



Movie Night!


Don’t forget that the animated film “The Lorax” (based on Dr. Suess’ book of the same name) opens this Friday!  Here is a peek at the trailer.

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8 thoughts on “Book News: A Sad Loss & A New Beginning

  1. I loved the Berenstain Bears books as a kid! Sad news, but what a legacy. I know when I have kids quite a few of those books will be on the bookshelf.

    Also SO excited for The Lorax. I think it was my favorite Dr. Suess book.

  2. So sad. I love’d those books. I remember reading them to my little brother when we were kids. My children also have quite a few of their books on the shelves.

    My son is dying to see The Lorax. So, if his dad doesn’t take him we’ll be headed to see it. Love me some Dr. Seuss.

  3. This is a lovely note and a sad passing indeed. Those books meant a lot to a lot of kids, me included. Thank goodness creative people do their thing! What if all of us said, “Oh no one is going to read my book, like my painting, listen to my song?” It’s just a reminder that art and creativity have value, no matter what, because they touch other people.

  4. Terrific post! Very excited to see that Harry Potter will be in ebook — but it doesn’t sound like I’ll actually be able to purchase an ebook to keep on my Kindle. However, this is a step in the right direction.

    Come on Ms. Rowling — I don’t want to just borrow it!!

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