Dark Horse – The Secret (Chpt. 1)

Afternoon Kindle-ites!  In an effort to keep the page new and exciting, I’ve decided to introduce you to a few new “geek related” web series that are coming out in the next few months.  I love quirky little shows like these and thought that y’all might enjoy them as well.

Anyways… I will be posting current episodes each week for the 3 following shows. Written by a Kid, Sword & Laser, Dark Horse

What exactly are these shows?

Well… Take a look at the trailer



If you want to learn more about any of these shows, visit their web pages or stalk them via the internet, just click on the Geek Sundry picture and you will be magically transported to their actual home.


Up first…The Secret.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE comic books, but (sadly) some people don’t. I am going to try to fix y’all. What? You’re not broken? Hmm.. Anyways. Dark Horse has decided to take a few of their very popular comics and animate them each week. Yay! So for all of you weirdos normal people out there that have never really given comics a chance, here ya go. Enjoy!


The Comic Book


“I know your secret.”

Tonight is Tommy Morris’s big chance: he’s been invited to party with the social elite of Franklin High and maybe even hook up with the girl of his dreams. But when a prank call turns sour, Tommy gets much more than he bargained for . . .







The Remix


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