KindleObsessed Turns 2!!!




Today is a very exciting day for me (and hopefully you too) because KindleObsessed officially turns 2 (*throws confetti in the air*) Now, last year I went on and on about all of KO’s accomplishments, but this year I think I’m going to pass on the logistics and get right down to business. I mean… you don’t really care how many countries read KO right? (*cough* 147) Or that I’m practically a damn superstar in Uzbekistan. I didn’t think so. So I’m just gonna skip all that mumbo jumbo and get to the goodies!!!

One of the best things about KO is getting to find new (sometimes wonderful, sometimes crappy) books and share them with y’all. So I’ve decided, (for my 2 year Blogiversary,) to be a little more literal in my sharing. (AKA I’m going to start giving shit away.) *cues applause*

Here is what you need to do. Below (which I’m sure you have already seen) are the prize packs. All of these books are for Kindle and all of them are up for grabs. Just leave a comment below telling me #1 Why you love to read. #2 Which 2 prize packs you would love to get your hands on and #3 A way to get a hold of you (twitter handle, Facebook handle, email address.. I don’t care. But leave me SOMETHING)

I will announce the winners NEXT Sunday (28th)

I think that pretty much covers it, Happy perusing! ๐Ÿ™‚

Much Love, – Misty



A Piece of the King Prize Pack!



Prize Pack Includes Everything (fiction) King as written under his “real” name (Lets just say it’s an ass load of books)

Stephen Edwin King is an American author of contemporary horror, suspense, science fiction and fantasy fiction. His books have sold more than 350 million copies,ย which have been adapted into a number of feature films, television movies and comic books. As of 2011, King has written and published 49 novels, including seven under the pen name Richard Bachman, five non-fiction books, and nine collections of short stories. Many of his stories are set in his home state of Maine.

King has received Bram Stoker Awards, World Fantasy Awards, British Fantasy Society Awards, his novella The Way Station was a Nebula Award novelette nominee, and in 2003, the National Book Foundation awarded him the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.


Going Rogue Prize Pack!



Prize Pack Includes Books 1-26

Rogue Angel is a paper back series of novels published bi-monthly since July 2006 by Harlequin Publishing’s Gold Eagle division and written under the house name of Alex Archer. (Actual authors are credited with small notes inside the books) The main character is Annja Creed. Each novel offers an adventure based on history or mythology, with a heavy fantasy slant

Although these books can be read individually in any order as discrete adventures, it is actually better to read them in order as there is some continuity within the character development and sub-plots.

Usually Annja’s adventures revolve around an artifact that falls into her hands temporarily before being taken by the villains or a third party that might or might not prove to be evil. Or she might take up the trail of an artifact that was lost in history or only thought of as a legend.

The trail progresses quickly as Annja risks more and more to reach her prize. Along the way she learns more about historical periods and the people who lived in them. She also becomes more knowledgeable about the sword and it’s bond to her as time progress.


I Need More Drama in My Life Prize Pack!



Prize Pack Inludes: No Country for Old Men, All The Pretty Horses, Blood Meredian, The Road and The Crossing.

Cormac McCarthyย  is an American novelist and playwright. He has written ten novels, spanning the Southern Gothic, Western, and modernist genres. He has also written plays and screenplays. He received the Pulitzer Prize and the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Fiction for The Road. His 2005 novel No Country for Old Men was adapted as a 2007 film of the same name, which won four Academy Awards, including Best Picture. He received a National Book Award and National Book Critics Circle Award for his 1992 novel, All the Pretty Horses.


ย ย 

ย Walking Through Wardrobes Prize Pack!


Pack includes ALL 7 books in the series!!ย 

The Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis, is one of the very few sets of books that should be read three times: in childhood, early adulthood, and late in life. In brief, four children travel repeatedly to a world in which they are far more than mere children and everything is far more than it seems. Richly told, populated with fascinating characters, perfectly realized in detail of world and pacing of plot, the story is infused throughout with the timeless issues of good and evil, faith and hope. This edition includes all seven volumes



The Science Geeks Prize Pack!



Prize Pack Includes:ย  Boneshaker, Ganymede, and Dreadnought

Priest’s published writing style thus far falls into the Southern Gothic genre as well as the Horror genre. She has also written a number of short stories, most of which can be categorized as Horror or Science fiction. Priest has expanded her style to include the burgeoning genre of Steampunk which can be best described as a fantastical alternate history or Neo-Victorian often involving modern technology powered by nineteenth century means. Priest has developed a large fan following




This is Going to be EPIC Prize Pack!ย 


20110822-115432.jpgย Prize Pack Includes ALL 3 books in the Broze Horeseman Trilogy


The Bronze Horseman is the first book in the Bronze Horseman Trilogy by Paullina Simons.

The book begins on the 22 June 1941, the day Russia enters the Second World War after Operation Barbarossa. Tatiana Metanova, young and innocent has no idea that from this day on, her life will never be the same. Not only will the war change her path, but also meeting the handsome and mysterious Red army officer Alexander Belov.[1] The relationship between Tatiana and Alexander develops against the backdrop of the Siege of Leningrad and in the face of many difficulties.



The Human Slurpie Prize Pack!












Schizophrenic Hodgepodge Prize Pack!



ย ย 

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35 thoughts on “KindleObsessed Turns 2!!!

  1. Why I love to read…. There’s the simple answer of: It’s an entertaining pastime. There’s also the more detailed answer: I love to read because it takes you away from all of the troubles and problems in your life and plops you into these worlds where anything can happen. You grow and learn to love the characters you are reading about. They become so real to you that when you reach the end of the book/series you tear up a little because you know your journey with them is over. Depending on how much you connected with the series/book its like losing a friend. There’s nothing in the world that compares to that feeling of discovering a new author, series, book to read and immersing yourself into their world.

    I would love to get either A Piece of the King Prize Pack! or Schizophrenic Hodgepodge Prize Pack!

    Congratulations on your anniversary. I’ve been following your blog a few weeks now and have enjoyed going through the old posts and reading up on your reviews and comments. Doing a kindle based blog is a great idea ๐Ÿ™‚ I love my kindle and would be absolutely lost without it.


  2. I love to read because I love to exercise my intellect and imagination. I feel at home among the online community of readers and writers. Reading makes me happy. Talking with others about my current reading obsessions connects me with other people in a meaningful way.

    The top two prize packs I would love to win are the Piece of the King Stephen King prize pack and the This is Going to be EPIC Bronze Horseman prize pack. The summary sounds wonderfully intriguing.

    I am @Diana_Wolfskill on Twitter or you can email me at should you wish to reach me.

  3. Reading is my escape from the stress and frenzy of the day. While my husband would rather watch TV, just leave me alone on the back deck with my Kindle and a glass of wine! And slowly my sanity returns….. I would LOVE to have the Stephen King prize pack — have loved his stories since I was young. You can reach me by Thank you much! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Congratulations! I’ve been obsessed with my Kindle for just under a year, but what a fun trip it’s been.

    Okay, let’s give this a bash.

    I love to read because there really is no reason or excuse to be chained down to reality 100% of the time. Without dreamers, we’d still be lighting fires by waiting for lightning strikes.

    I rather fancy the science geeks prize pack. It looks… shiny.

    I’m crooneyme on twitter.

    Thanks for the opportunity ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I love to read because, it takes you away from everything for awhile, you can be the character and get lost in the story and feel for them and be where they are for awhile. The two packs i would be interested in are A Piece of the King and Schizophrenic Hodgepodge Prize Pack! my facebook is my twitter handle is mrsnodoubtfan

  6. I would love the “Going Rouge” prize pack! I’m always looking for more reading material. It seems, as if the more I read, the easier it is to write. That is always welcome in my life.

  7. I love to read because it takes me away from the mundane tasks every day. It gives me a little escape into a new world.

    I’d love the Schizophrenic Hodgepodge Prize Pack or the Human Slurpie Prize Pack.

    My email: katrinamarie2008 @ hotmail . com

  8. I love to read for me time. I am newly married (1 year on Sept 18th) and my hubby likes to play video games occasionally. So I like to read when he does that. I find it relaxing to get lost in a book.

    As for the prize packs…I’d love to get my hands on the Going Rogue or the Schizophrenic Hodgepodge Prize Packs. The Going Rogue series just seems interesting. As for the Schizophrenic Hodgepodge Prize Pack, the name alone sparked my interest (being that I am a Psychology Grad Student) but after further research of the book’s descriptions I noticed that all of them were right up my alley.

    Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary! Love your reviews.

  9. #1: I love to read because I love escaping into a fantasy world. Let’s face it, real life can suck sometimes! And, I’m a book blogger, so I read more than my fair share of books.

    #2: I only really want the Steampunk prize pack. So, “Science Geeks” for me.

    My email: ckeaton(at)gmx(dot)com

    Congrats on TWO YEARS! That is very cool…

  10. Congrats that is so COOL.

    #1 I love to read because it one of the things that quiets the evil voices in my head screaming to let them out on film or words.

    2# The Cormac McCarthy would be epic you know me always screaming for more Drama

    kippoe1967 @

  11. Happy 2nd Anniversary!

    I love to read because I can go anywhere and experience anthing! The magic of the mind is an amazing thing. Also, I have a degenerative eye disease that had me blind for the entire winter. Thanks to modern technology I can once again see with my right eye. I SO missed reading it made me so sad. I love my books!

    Thank you for doing this blog. I have found so many good books through you.

    I am a big Stephen King fan so that pack is #1
    The Science Geeks pack looks pretty cool too

    Thanks again, Elle

  12. 1# Reading is a gift, when I was younger I struggled with my dyslexia, I didn’t really start reading books until my teens, when a certain blonde vampire hunting girl dominated far too much of my life and I happened to pass some books with her on the cover. It took a while but now I devour books. I read only books with vampires in for about 7 years, there is sooo much more out there I need to catch up on!

    2# Schizophrenic Hodgepodge Prize Pack! or The Science Geeks Prize Pack!


  13. 1. I love to read because my brain is far more graphic and imaginative than any movie!

    2. OOoooh, the 2 prizes would be Stephen King’s Prize pack or the Human Slurpie pack ๐Ÿ™‚ Go Zombies!!!

    3. Twitter- I am AnnaBegonia (formerly lamaestrageek)

  14. First i would like to take a moment and say congrats! 2 years is a wonderful accomplishment and i an looking forward to all the wonderful things you will do in the years to come!

    I love to read because reading gives me time first for myself lol but also to free my mind from everyday life i work in the medical field so i deal with stressful situations all the time and reading gets me into another frame of mind in another world and go on adventures with the characters.

    If i could have any of the 2 fabulous prize packs i would want the Walking through the Wardrobes Pack and The piece of the king prize pack!

    My email is

    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to win these fabulous prizes!!!!

  15. Hi Mrs. Kindle! Congratulations (and big thanks) for your 2nd anniversary ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love to read because it gives me the opportunity to live different lives, imagine different worlds and feel emotions that I might never know in my day-to-day life.

    Working in an office from 9 to 7, honestly my life is not so exciting. But on my way home I bring out the Kindle and swim into the stories, and suddendly my day gets brighter and my heart feels more alive ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reading opened my mind when I was in school and had not travelled out of Spain yet (greetings from Madrid haha) and it gave me the motivation to study hard in order to discover the world later on.

    And it also helped me bond further with my parents, that are also avid readers. So yes, I love to read! And I hope my children will someday love to read too ๐Ÿ™‚

    Any prize pack would be VERY welcome but I would love to get the Going Rogue prize pack.

    My email is izquierdobarrado(at)hotmail(dot)com


  16. Congratulations with 2 years!
    I love to read bacause it lets me travel to different places and times.
    I would love the king or the narnia books. Fairytales and adventure, what could be better?
    My email is: mo-skog(at)online(dot)no
    Monica from Norway

  17. Congradulations on your “two year” mark.
    I love to read because it makes my mind bigger.
    I would like the โ€œWalking Through Wardrobes Prize Pack!โ€ because it is a great series, with great values. I would like to give it to my son so he may share it with my three grandchildren (I already have paperback copies, as well as copies on my Kindle).

  18. Why do I read? I love a good story, to be entertained and to jump into another world.

    The two packs I would love to have? A Piece of the King and I Need More Drama in my Life.

    Twitter: @nanhank3

  19. Congrats on the 2 year anniversary!

    Why do I love to read? Simpy put, there is no other medium which can match books as a form of entertainment. Movies may have stunning cinematography/acting/writing/etc, but I’ve yet to see a movie that has ever equalled its book form, while some don;t even come close (think most Stephen King books). Some have come close (like October Sky), but I’ve yet to see one where I thought the movie was better than the book.

    As a post-apocalyptic enthusiast, I’d like the Human Slurpie Prize Pack.

    I can be reached on Twitter (where I originally found out about Kindle Obsessed) via @bootlegga.

  20. 1) Reading is a way to really explore other worlds, in a way that is more indepth and revealing than any movie or game could ever dream of.

    2) I’d love the Stephen King and Cormac McCarthy packs (The Road is one of my all time favorite books)

    3) Well, I left my facebook page and email in the sign in, but you can also message me on Twitter @SandsofEternity

  21. 1) I love to read because it’s an escape and something to do. I mean, I could watch my kids practice soccer or hockey where they play a sport with knives on their feet and clubs in their hands and risk bodily harm and worry all of the time, but instead I choose to escape into another make believe world and read while they practice.

    2) I’m in for a Piece of the King!

    3) @dougdorow

    Congrats on 2 years!

  22. Wow Misty, Congratz on 2 years !!
    I love reading your highly rated books and your reviews on the stinkeroos are a HOOT! Well reading your reviews of 4 and 5 star books is fun too …

    I’ve loved to read ever since I learned reading in first grade way sooner than most of the kids and got to devour the classroom library! There’s just something so magical about reading words, building mind pictures, and living, for awhile, in a totally different world.

    Cherie Priest’s wonderful steampunk trilogy or Harlequin’s Rogue Angels would be massive amounts of fun on my pretty purple K3!

    Thank you for marking your blog-o-versary by sharing so many exciting books with all of us!

  23. I’ve loved to read since before I could form letters into words and words into sentences. I used to trap my family for hours and make them ready Dr. Suess books to me. My aunts would literally sneak out of the house to avoid me.

    My love of reading grew and grew. I’ve read more books than I care to count, I have probably 200 books scattered haphazardly around my house and store in boxes in the garage.

    I was given a Kindle for this past Christmas and have already gone through at least 100 kindle books and I’m addicted to your website!! (Yay for you, btw.)

    I prefer reading to tv, movies, and even some people, though I’m totally not anti-social. Reading literally takes me to another world and the best part is, with help from the books, I can construct my own little world, be my own actor, director, producer, ect.

    I would LOVE to get my hands on the Cormack McCarthy pack!! I absolutely love his books and am boardline obsessed with their movie counterparts. Please, please hook me up!!

    You can reach me at:
    Twitter: Mstashasays

    Email is probably easiest. Did I mention that The Road is one of my all time favorite movies?

    I’d also love the Narnia pack as well.

  24. I love reading because it allows to explore worlds that I might never visit in real life. Whether I’m exploring the magical kingdoms of Narnia or Middle Earth, or the depths of the ocean, or jungles of Africa, I get to travel more in reading than I’ll ever be able to do in real life.

    I would to get my grubby hands on the Piece of the King Prize Pack,the Science Geeks Prize Pack or the Human Slurpie Prize pack.

    Congrats on the anniversary, and keep the awesome blog posts coming!

  25. 1. I love reading because it forces your imagination to create this world where the story is taking place. It allows me to relax and not think about everything else that is going on around me. I also love sharing my love of reading with my family and friends…and even my students…because I give them great ideas for books to read and then they give me tons of ideas as well. Reading is also a very large part of my family. My grandmother who passed away 5 years ago taught me how to read when I was in preschool and I loved that when I reached kindergarden I already knew how to do something that not very many others could do in the classroom.

    2. I would love to get my hands on A Piece of the King Prize pack because I have read several King books and would love to explore the others. The other prize pack that piques my interest is Walking Through Wardrobes Prize Pack. I have always loved this series and in fact it has been sitting on my wishlist for quite some time now.

    3. Congrats on the two years running!! You can reach me at

  26. Congrats on your big accomplishment! I envy you living the dream:) Alas I could never be a blogger about my passion, I wouldn’t know how to edit and not tell the entire story lol (example: 6th grade oral book report. Lasted a good half hour on “Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry”. Didnt want anyone to miss anything haha)

    #1 Anyway, it’s hard to explain my love of reading. I love shutting the world out and experiencing a different place, time, planet. I love how a book can make me stay awake in bed until the wee hours to finish it or because I’m still thinking about it after I have finished it. I love sharing my love of books with friends (although I do try to keep the oral review to a minimum now ๐Ÿ™‚ Finally I love the connection that can be made with a good book, with the characters, the emotions and the time periods. My love of reading when I was a kid got me grounded from books, detentions for books propped up in my math book, and nearly failing to graduate ( who wants to do homework when you are lost in a good book?) I can only hope to pass on this love of reading to my daughter………….and again I’m rambling lol

    #2 I would love either the science geek or the schizophrenic hodgepodge packages. (can I say love anymore in this comment)?

    #3 email is

  27. There are many reasons I can attribute to my love of reading. One is my mother is an avid reader and isn’t without a book for long. Or it could be my second grade class where they introduced the chapter book to me. It was like they just opened up the world for me. Really, I just love the way authors are able to put words together to make these characters and places uniquely their own.

    I would love, either, the Going Rogue or Schizophrenic Hodgepodge prize pack.

    I’m on twitter @bookmunchies or my email exceptional.liar[at]gmail[dot]com.

  28. Congratulations on your Blogiversary!

    I don’t just love to read – I have to or I get *very* cranky. For me, reading is both my favorite pastime and therapy.

    I would love the Walking Through Wardrobes or the Science Geeks packs, and am on twitter as @suetara.

  29. I love to read because I love learning, I love language, and I love a good story. These prize packs are awesome! I certainly wouldn’t mind winning the I Need More Drama in my Life and the Science Geeks prize packs. Great giveaway! (@Between_Covers on Twitter)

  30. I’m excited that I just found your blog! Congrats!
    I love to read because for just a little while I am taken away from some of the hardships of life. It doesn’t matter what is going on around me if the book is good I’m “there” and not here struggling. It gives me a renewed sense of peace and I’m able to get through.
    I’d love to win Schizophrenic Hodgepodge Prize Pack! The covers look very intriguing and I’ve never heard of them! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for contest! Such fun!

  31. I have loved to read since I was a child. Reading for me can be just fun, a stress reliever, a journey to other people’s lives, a visit to an exotic destination, educational and basically a wonderful experience.
    Now with the Kindle I am truly OBSESSED!!!
    Not sure if the Sally Mandel is included in your package, so if it is , I would love that one. Regardless, thanks for your website. You are to be commended for your efforts and time.
    Stay well

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