Oohh La Laaaa! 3 Bookstores To Die For!

Morning Kindle-ites!!

I will have a review up later, but I thought I would share some really cool pictures with you first.  This morning I was updating my bucket list (don’t judge me) and found several kick-ass bookstores that I now want to live in.  Since I thought they were awe-worthy I thought you might as well. So enjoy the view and happy reading!

– Misty

The Photos are in order by ROW. For example: Row 1 (across) is El Ateneo. Click any of the images for a larger view!



 3 Bookstores To Die For!


1.  El Ateneo in Buenos Aires

Bueno Aires’s Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendid used to be a beautiful movie palace. Saved from the wrecker’s ball, it is now one of the most majestic bookstores in the world.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid in downtown Buenos Aires is a spectacular bookstore that retains all the glamour of its former life as a 1920s movie palace, with a original balconies, painted ceiling, ornate carvings and crimson stage curtains.


2.  The Lello Bookstore in Porto, Portugal

 Opened in 1906 and often described as the most beautiful bookstore in the world, this is somewhere not to be missed. Designed by Xavier Esteves in turn of the century Art Nouveau style, the façade creates an immediate impression with its two painted figures representing Art and Science and its neo gothic design. Inside, the curved red staircase, the magnificent stained-glass skylight, with Lello’s motto ‘vecus in labore’, the bronze Portuguese literary figures on the columns and the beautifully decorated walls and ceilings, all create a stunning effect. The small café on the second floor is an unexpected delight.


3.  The Selexyz Bookstore in Maastricht, Holland

This bookstore is actually inside of an old Dominican church!

The ground floor gives room to several different book displays, information desks, magazine-stands and cash registers, all made of standard sheet materials in different colours and surfaces. The former altar now houses the ‘Coffee lovers’ café with a large central reading table shaped as a cross.


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