Short Story Challenge – Read & Vote!!

Morning Kindle-ites! First off, I just want to thank all of you that entered my little Short Story shin-dig, this obviously wouldn’t have been possible without you. Second…WOW!!!! We have some awesome entries.

Anyways, here is the deal… The authors have done their part now it’s up to YOU the READER to decide who wins! And since I’m so totally awesome (and obviously not modest) I’m going to pay for your thoughts.  That’s right…at the bottom of the post there is a Rafflecopter link, all you have to do is enter your name, pick your favorite and then YOU are entered to win a $20 Amazon giftcard. Doesn’t get much simpler than that.  So sit back, do a little reading and then tell me who you think did the best job!

Click on the titles to read the story & then don’t forget to vote. (Only vote for 1 story please)

Also…comments are appreciated so be sure to leave your favorite author some love.



The Entries!!


Dragging Hooks (Kipp Speicher)

No Mercy  (Wendy Cartmell)

Last Night  (Richard Allen)

Flipped (Dee Taylor)

Where’s Emma  (Lisa Deckert)

Lay It Down  (Cathleen Cherry)

Superman  (Therese Kinkaide)

Fall of the Romans  (Traci Hilton)

To Teach is no Peach (Donovan Sotam)




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