Top 10 of 2012!

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Afternoon Kindle-ites!!! Before I get down to the nitty-gritty, I just wanted say Happy Holidays! For most of you (not my Twitter or FB followers) I have been absent for a while. For most bloggers their “review” rushes happen the second the season begins, but for me…it’s just the opposite. Since I am blessed with two little demons angels at home, I try my best to make the season about them (and the rest of my family) and not about how late mommy can stay up reading a book.  That said.. I did actually read a few books. Books that, even though I haven’t reviewed them yet (that will be next week) have made my list for 2012.

Anyways…I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. And even more, I hope you have a blessed and happy 2013.

Now, I usually do this post on the 1st of the New Year (along with a personal rant) but I’ve had  a few people asking for my opinions so I’ve decided to just get with it.

And, since I had a crazy hard time narrowing down my list this year… I’ve made 3 (no…4) different ones. Top 10 books (that don’t include books from the middle of a series) Top 10 SERIES books (you see how I did that? LOL) and Top 10 favorite Covers. Cause I’m a cover lusty whore.  Oh… I’ve also included an Honorable Mention with my top 10. (Geez… I told you I had a hard time narrowing down the field!!)

FYI – These didn’t necessarily come out in 2012, and they are in no particular order. 




The Top 10





Honorable Mention




Top 10 Series




Top 10 Covers 



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