10 Things About Deception in the Shadows by T.L. Haddix

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Deception in the Shadows

Guest Post by T.L. Haddix

  1. “Deception in the Shadows” is the sixth book in the Shadows series, and the first one since 2012.
  2. It takes place in the small, fictional town of Leroy, Indiana. Coincidentally, there is a real town of Leroy, Indiana, though it is tiny, and on the opposite end of the state. It’s so small, if it has a zip code, I can’t find it.
  3. “Deception” almost didn’t happen–I thought I was finished with this series when I wrote “In the Heart’s Shadow” in 2012. It wasn’t until recently when I did a “character interview” for my blog that my enthusiasm for the series was rekindled (no pun intended, lol.)
  4. It won’t be the last book if all goes according to plan. There are at least two more titles in this series slated for release, one later this year, and one early in 2015. And I have the sneaking suspicion there will be more. And only God knows where in the world I’ll put all those people!!!
  5. “Deception” is the shortest book in the series.
  6. This is the first Shadows book where the hero and/or heroine aren’t actively involved in the investigation of the suspense portion of the book, either as investigators or as suspects.
  7. In “Deception,” we get to see a more human, more flawed side to several characters we’ve gotten to know through the series. They aren’t fatal flaws, necessarily, but a lot of the foundations of the series are going to be shaken, and the perfect families we’ve seen are going to be tarnished.
  8. I almost went in an entirely different direction with the hero. Robbie almost ended up with someone else and not Carrie. But as it turns out, that wasn’t where he was meant to go, and he never let me consider it once I started writing.
  9. I considered moving “Deception” from Leroy to a small, fictional town in Kentucky down near Bowling Green. I had some ideas for the series that I didn’t know if they would work in conjunction with the existing series canon. But after some hemming and hawing, I decided to stick with what I’d done, and so we’re staying where we are. For now.
  10. “Deception” is the steamiest book in the series thus far. Compared to many modern romances, it’s not necessarily that hot, but when held against the other books in the Shadows series, it’s smokin’!

Thanks for having me. I had a blast doing this.


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Deception in the Shadows 

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When all the lies that have been hidden come to light, nothing will be the same.

From the time she came to live with her Uncle Ron after the tragic deaths of her parents when she was a young girl, Carrie Greer never had reason to doubt she was wanted. Now a dispatcher with the county, she’s a grown woman building a life of her own. But after a trip to Florida, her uncle’s attitude changes… and not for the better. While struggling to come to terms with this shift in their relationship and all the collateral damage it causes, another tragedy strikes. Ron Smith is murdered. And the only person with an obvious reason to want him dead… is Carrie.

Robbie Bailey is finally free to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. But instead of attending classes, he ends up having to return to Leroy and to Carrie, the girl he’s been in love with since he was a teenager. He finds himself in the position of having to convince her of the depth of his feelings while protecting her from a vengeful killer bent on keeping long-buried secrets hidden. And he isn’t sure he can succeed at either task.

“Deception in the Shadows” is a romantic suspense novel, the sixth in the Shadows Collection Series. Other titles include “Secrets in the Shadows,” “Under the Moon’s Shadow,” “Shadows from the Grave,” “Hidden in the Shadows,” and “In the Heart’s Shadow.”

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TLPicAbout T.L.

T.L. Haddix was born in Hazard, Kentucky, a small town in the center of the Appalachian coal fields. Taught to read by her grandmother, T.L. has had a life-long love affair with books, devouring whatever she could get her hands on. From childhood favorites such as the Trixie Belden series and Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Little House” books, to her current favorites from authors like Tami Hoag, Alex Kava, J.A. Jance and Lisa Kleypas (among many others), T.L. still finds refuge in the written word.

“Growing up, I wanted to be everything – astronaut, police officer, doctor, teacher, reporter, psychologist – there was no clear choice for me. I wanted to do it all. Becoming a writer has allowed me to do just that, because I can live vicariously through my characters.”

A resident of eastern Kentucky, T.L. is hard at work on her next book, when she isn’t chasing after her three cat-children with her husband.

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