Good Morning Kindle-ites!

This is just a general housekeeping post. (*high five for clerical work*)

On top of KO’s already excessive social media presence, I have added/claimed the blog to Bloglovin. I have had several followers mention it to me (and by mention I mean compose CAPITALIZED emails to me) and since I adore y’all (I promise, I really do.) I’ve finally given in.

Ironically enough, once I finally looked Bloglovin up…I have fallen in love with it. If you aren’t sure what it is, stop by and give it a looksy. It is an awesome way to keep track of the blogs you follow in a nifty (very clean) feed. No fuss, no muss. (My readers are geniuses.) Anyways.. HERE IS THE LINK. So you can follow KO, and stop sending me emails threatening to maim small woodland creatures.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin




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