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Every now and then we are introduced to people who better our lives, who make us want to be all we can be, reach for the stars, or climb every mountain. Lucky for you, I am not that person!

See that insane person in the picture up there? That’s me. Your friendly neighborhood narcissist. I’m sarcastic, cynical and a bit cranky. I own a soap box so big that sometimes I have difficulty stepping down off of it, and I’m about 94% certain I have multiple personalities.

I don’t sleep enough, and I read more than any person should ever consider normal. I have anger management issues, (especially when I’m stuck in traffic) and have an unhealthy obsession with my Kindle.

I am a story lovin’, zombie obsessed, Dystopian junkie, book-in-hand, iPod freak who took her passion to a whole new level.

Or…if you like the short version: I’m a reasonably intelligent person who does moderately stupid things on a semi-regular basis. I’m also currently kicking cancer’s ass.


You’ll either love me or hate me. You be the judge.



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Just A Small Fraction of the Authors I’ve Met


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Kindle Author Interview


“I recently discovered Misty Baker’s review blog, KindleObsessed. She’s doing a really fantastic job with the kind of thing I’m trying to avoid: reviewing self-published Kindle authors.

I asked Misty if she’d like to do an interview for my blog. She graciously agreed.

DAVID WISEHART: I’m very impressed by your KindleObsessed blog. What was the genesis of this project?

MISTY BAKER: My husband David was actually the one that started KO. (God bless him.) I had been devouring books like candy for years, but never had an outlet to talk about them, so one night he plops down on the couch, creates the skeleton for my page and says, “Here…you want to talk about books? Write it down!” (I think that was his diplomatic way of saying, “I love you baby…but shut up.”) A few months and about 20 reviews later I get this random email from Stacey Cochran asking me to be a guest panelist on his Ustream channel, “Book Chatter.”


BookChatter Panelist


Book Chatter #31 with Sam Landstrom, Misty Baker, Holly Christine

Book Chatter #26 with Len Edgerly, Misty Baker, and Kathy Bell


Keep KindleObsessed Alive!


25 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Misty I saw this just before I saw your Web Site and when I saw your “Me” writeup I thought you might enjoy it. Its “Book Reading Disorder: A New Digital Disease. It’s at http://tinyurl.com/ahoua3f

    Hope you enjoy the thread too.


  2. Was behind you in Dallas traffic this morning. Saw the bumper sticker with this website on it and had to check it out when I got to work. BTW, I had my Kindle in my lap. I read when traffic’s at a dead-stop.

  3. What’s up Misty?

    So your review form wasn’t working for me, so I figured I drop a blurb here for my sardonic and crude novelette, A Parade of Clowns:

    Welcome to Kispellia.

    In Kispellia, there ain’t shit. Except for clowns. Hundreds and hundreds of clowns. And alkies.

    Which is why a tweaker, a hulk, a foreigner and a bartender have decided to do something about it. But all the funny pills in the world can’t prepare them for what lies ahead…

    or what’s left behind

    You can check out my bio and work here: http://www.amazon.com/Evan-Bollinger/e/B007E22N4S/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

    –Good luck jugglin those personalities!

  4. Misty, I may be cursed with dementia, because I can’t imagine that I haven’t already written to you to say exactly how much I love your reviews. Maybe I did but I just don’t remember. But If I didn’t, let me say that I love your reviews so much that I don’t even want to read the book you’re talking about. I just want to read more of your reviews. I figure that one day, I’ll just sit here and read 250 pages of your website instead of reading a book. Between you and Karen Brissette, I could abandon books altogether and be content to read vicariously through your reviews.

    I can only hope that one day, one of you will review my book. Yes, yes, I know what you said on your book review page. But aren’t you a little curious?

  5. Hi,

    How do we go about asking you to review a book? Synopsis below

    The book is written by Stephanie Hudson

    Afterlife… just some gothic nightclub where gossip is fuelled by the presence of a rich and unearthly, handsome family or Afterlife…the strange place where time seems to stand still and guests feel the presence of something more powerful held within the confines of the VIP.

    Keira is new to this small, cold town and is running from a past that seems to feast on her darkest memories. She finds living with her sister away from English soil to be just the ticket to the new life she is trying desperately to find. So when the offer of a job at the infamous Gothic nightclub Afterlife comes along she thinks that lady luck has finally found her. That is until its seductively dark and forbidding owner Dominic Draven sets eyes on her. All at once she is captivated and plunged into a world she never knew existed but the deeper her obsession with Draven becomes, the harder it is to decide…should she stay and continue to work within the shadows of the supernatural or should she run from a madness she thinks may consume her?

    Warning: This book is amazingly addictive, with its dark mystery, haunting horror, seductive twists and one sexy dark lord that has the reader drooling every time the name Draven appears on the page!

    1. I actually have a “review request” page listed at the top under a special section. But…much like it is now, it is not always open. I get flooded & have to stop excepting request from time to time.

  6. Hi there!
    My name is Abigail Kinkade, and I have just recently started migrating all of my personal daydreams into ebook short stories. I’m really excited to be get into the ebook market, but of course I’m still looking for a bit of traction.
    My stories are currently focused in the erotica and adult fiction niches, and I noticed that might be something you are interested in. Therefore, I decided I’d reach out in the hopes that you might be interested in reading and reviewing my book, 50 Floors Of Passion (here’s the link: http://amzn.to/1AjvYWN).
    I’ve already had some great feedback, so I’m hoping that continues.
    If a different book that I’ve worked on is of more interest to you, please just let me know and I’ll happily send another to you instead (another link!: http://amzn.to/1AjwiVn)
    Anywho, that is about as much rambling as I should do for the day.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this (I know you probably get countless emails each day, so I truly appreciate the attention you’ve given just to read this email).
    If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me! More than just a review, I’m eagerly looking forward to meeting and networking with other indie authors.
    Have a great day!
    Abigail Kinkade

  7. I understand you are over the top with books to review. That said, I love your tone and spirit–the transparency of your voice. Some day I’ll hope to have you take a look at one of my books. I’m just re-publishing a second edition of the first in a series, Mistaken Enemy, about a young man sent to Israel who fortuitously becomes trapped in a terrorist crisis. Thriller. Some day. Best to you.

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