And People Wonder Why I Can’t Sleep

the-forest-of-hands-and-teethNot often am I at a loss for words, almost clueless as how to judge my feelings about a book, but “The Forest of Hands and Teeth” had me… admittedly… a tad bit stumped.

I finished this book last night, and normally the second I’m done I rush to my computer to spill my guts and slings some words, but last night? No… I just put my kindle down and walked off.

This book is a zombie book.  There is absolutely no other way to describe it, and I LOVE zombies.  I flock to the walking dead like most girls flock to Harlequin romances, but this particular book left me…well…emotionally drained.

In the opening of this book you are introduced to Mary.  Mary lives in a world not many of us would be able to deal with. She is shut off from “society”, she lives in a village stuck in the middle of the woods surrounded by the Unconsecrated and an entire cathedral of overbearing nuns.

She is faced with abandonment early on, then betrayal, then hatred and in the end has to choose between a life of easy happieness or constant struggle.

Emotionally, as I already mentioned,  this book is overwhelming, it tears at strings you didn’t know you had and makes you appreciate the ability of free will.

There are weird marital ceremonies, a David Koresh like mother nun, a damaged boy named Travis and a bitter best friend, but in the end…the exact things that make this book odd also hold it together.

Should you read it? Yes…even if all you get out of it is a life lesson in “appreciation”, cause one thing is certain…that is the exact thing I got out of it, and it made my morning a little bit brighter… even if it was raining outside.

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