Once upon a time there lived a girl, in a tiny town, with nothing to do. So to pass the time she read.  She read, and she read, and she read…so much, in fact, that one day she threw down her book and declared that she had “finally read it all!”

“That can’t possibly be true,” her closest friend said. “There are so many books, and so little time, there is no way you have read it all.”

“Oh, but I have!” the girl proclaimed, “and I’ll prove it!”

“How?” asked her friend. “How will you manage such an un-accomplishable feat… proving that you have read it all?”

“Easy,” said the girl, twisting in her chair to face her friend. “Hand me my Kindle…I promise, that within the first 15 pages of whichever book you choose, I can tell you exactly what will happen.”

“Deal” said her friend, a smirk forming where a smile should have been. She took the girl’s Kindle and flipped vigorously through the titles, and then she saw it, the down turned face of a beautiful girl bathed in purple light.  This was the book that would change the girl’s mind.  She just knew it.  So she handed the girl back her Kindle and left the room. Five hours later she returned to find her friend clutching the Kindle to her chest. Her breathing quickened and her eyes wide.

“You are right.” said the girl…”I have NOT read it all, for this book I hold in my hands is new,  it is exciting, and it makes want for more.”  She then handed the Kindle to her friend and insisted that she read along.

“Welcome to the magical world of Intangible” the girl said, “It’s unlike anything you have ever read.”

“Twins Sera and Luke Raine have a well-kept secret—she heals with a touch of her hand, he sees the future. All their lives they’ve helped those in need on the sly. They’ve always thought of their abilities as being a gift.

Then Luke has a vision that Sera is killed. That gift they’ve always cherished begins to feel an awful lot like a curse. Because the thing about Luke’s ability? He’s always right. And he can’t do anything about it.”

Well, now that I have lulled you to sleep, with tales of pathetic ‘ol me, how about we talk about the book?

I used to expect the unexpected, I thrived on it actually, (like some girls thrive on chocolate) but about a year ago…the unexpected became much harder to achieve, especially in a genre like “paranormal.”  I know I have said this roughly 2 million times, so 1 more time shouldn’t hurt, but this is a very tough genre to make your mark in these days.  Unless you have an original plot and very strong characters you can pretty much count yourself out.  It’s a been there done that world.  So when I run across a book like “Intangible” by J. Meyers my toes get a little tingly and I feel this overwhelming need to share my feelings with the world. Why? Because books like these are the exception, not the rule.

Obviously…by this point you know that I enjoyed the book.  But what you don’t know, is why.

Now, I could go on for days about it’s exciting plot or action packed paranormal filled paradoxes but I won’t.  Because though all of those things are good, (or great, if I’m being honest) and they ultimately kept my fingers on hyper-drive, they were not what sucked me in, instead it was the characters that had me up until midnight reading.

For a debut author Meyers is amazingly talented at character development.  “Intangible” which in my head will forever be referred to as “Entangled” boasted approximately 700 types of paranormals (ok, I’m exaggerating, it’s more like 7) and (much to my surprise and delight) they each had their own voice, from the cranky to the overly cautious, and even though their dialogues were chopped up into many different perspectives, (think Christmas dinner with your 12 ADD 9 year old cousins) their depth was never lost.  As a matter of fact… their actions, (in the more “epic” of moments) only added fuel to their perfectly molded personalities, making this book a paranormal force to be reckoned with.

So what does this mean for you? Well, in short it means to cough up the $4.99 for the book. But if you are in need of something more specific I’ll go on record as saying this is one rock star start to a very promising series!

Happy Reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: lonely-ville is a very tough place to reside, everyone needs someone…so pay very close attention to how you treat those around you.

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Want to learn a little about Sera and Luke before you read “Intangible?” No problem… J. Meyers is offering up her short story “Intuition” for free.  Get to know the siblings before their futures get a little twisted.


Intuition: A Bonus Intangible Short Story

Luke and his twin sister Sera have unusual abilities. Hers is a gift—she can heal with a touch of her hand. His is a curse—he can see the future but he can’t do anything about it.

On a hike up the mountain, Luke has a vision unlike any other—one that leaves him terrified. Knowing that it will come true—and that he must do everything in his power to stop it—leaves his own future uncertain.

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  1. 😀 Great looking book. I just finished Glow, which I was skeptical of after your review. Check my review of it out 🙂 I also am doing a 3 day promotion of Robert Shield’s novel and would appreciate some love on that too. I feel bad because the author expected alot of comments and theres only 1 xD

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