Burn Baby Burn

I know that I should be reviewing something else right now, but in the spirit of paranormal obsessiveness I just couldn’t control myself. I have been waiting (literally) for months for “Burned” to be released, and for those of you that follow the “House Of Night” series I’m sure you have my back on the sudden book ADD I developed yesterday morning.


For those of you that have NOT jumped on this action packed/spirit filled/to much drama for your mama vampire band-wagon then I want to be the first to scold you. (Shame Shame!) and to tell you that there is plenty of time to catch up… and I do mean catch up. This series is NOT one you can pick up in the middle and hope to have a clue as to what is going on, the continuing plot is extremely complex and boast a VERY large cast of characters. (the total history is necessary…trust me)


Disclaimer: If you have not read “Tempted” yet do not read any further because there is a VERY BIG spoiler in the paragraphs below…don’t say I didn’t warn you.

After a shocking (I actually screamed out loud) ending to “Tempted” I was a little concerned that “P.C and Kristen Cast” had jumped the shark by killing off their main heroine, but again… this Mother/Daughter duo shocked me with their ability to twist the story to their favor. “Burned” like all of the other HON novels was action packed from cover to cover and in a surprising twist…amazingly current. How you ask? Well, for starters they made a “Glee” reference which, being a lover of the show, I found very amusing (and accurate) also the characters “generic” cell phones from the previous novels suddenly turned up as hip little iPhones in this novel.

The writing was (as always) flawless, as it should be by now, and even though additional character building could have been considered unnecessary, I was please to see that “Cast” expanded upon her already (aggressively) detailed characters. The plot was broken into several different stories, (Zoey/Stark/Heath – Stevie Ray/Rephaim/Red Fledgings – Aphrodite/Darius) each having a significant connection to the main plot, but also generating its own underlying subplot (which will be used in novels to come) There were a few NEW perspectives in the multi-narration (have no fear each person’s point of view was clearly marked) but more importantly… we were again left hanging (not as bad as last time, but enough to assume this is going to be an ongoing theme from now on.)

There were beautiful Indian boys, a lost giggling girl, an electricity wielding red fledging, a dedicated boy with a body full of cuts, 2 bulls, lots of kilts, even more fights, and 1 very broken soul.

Get to the store quickly my paranormal junkies because this one is going to sell out quickly.

Happy reading my fellow Vampires and remember: when in doubt, a Scottish accent counts!

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  1. Errrr… that huge honking spoiler you put in the review above about what happened at the end of Tempted? Really not cool. You ruined a book and maybe even an entire series for a lot of us who haven’t gotten to Tempted yet. If you must reveal the big cliffhanger ending, a little note about there being spoilers ahead would have been very nice.

    1. Well… My bad, quite honestly I didn’t even think about it (since the majority of my readers are current in the series.) BUT – you make a good point so I went back and added a warning. Sorry if you think I ruined the series for you, but I assure you that the little bit I DID give away will in no way effect the greatness of these novels and if you were up in the air about reading them I still think you should. Now- on a side note… If you notice a book is part of a series and you have yet to read the novels leading up to it… Why would you read reviews on it? More often than not these reviews are written by FANS of the series and are likely to boast spoliers intentionally or not. Just sayn’

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