Its A Double Take

rjI wouldn’t normally feel the need to write a double review, but when it came to the 2nd and 3rd books in the “Riley Jensen, Guardian” series, I felt it was sort of a must.

“Kissing Sin” is no more than a filler book. Yes, it is necessary and there are definitely some interesting moments (don’t worry, I’ll elaborate) but for the most part, the novel was used to introduce new characters and prime you for the Big Show in “Tempting Evil”

The story picks up a few months after “New Moon Rising” ends…Riley, of course, is trying in vain to skirt around her inevitable future of becoming a “Guardian”, only its not quiet so easy when she wakes up after 8 days, having no idea where she is, covered in blood and stranded inside of some weird sort of cardboard cutout community. Her confusion and overwhelming need to find a safe place has her scrambling for an exit, only she can’t do it alone.

Introducing Kade.

I have never come across a paranormal fiction to included were-stallions, but that is exactly what Kade is, and to Riley’s delight, he is delicious.

Both are on the run and both are having to depend on the other way more than they would like. (Something is fishy about Kade…but what exactly is it?)

The clones from the 1st installment have reared their ugly and sometimes slimy heads again, and it is a race against time to not only find but destroy the leader of this demented little monster making bake shop.

Naturally there are several plots bouncing at once, it wouldn’t be a captivating series otherwise, so while the action is…action packed, there is also

the quintessential love triangle… or in Riley case love square.

Kellen returns, after a very VERY brief intro in book 1, Quinn also returns after realizing that he has walked away from something he just can’t live without, Kade decides that he would love a little action, and last but certainly not least Misha, the less than honest ex (or not ex) mate leave who leaves us with a less than attractive final proclamation. (Which I will warn you includes an overwhelming amount of spiders so if you have any sort of fear in the creepy crawler department, keep in mind that this is only a book and it’s kind of hard for paper to bite you.)

Moving On…

tevilTempting Evil” dives in to the deep end, right where “Kissing Sun” frustratingly, and abruptly just died (at 93% I might add, so when I turned the page and there was no more I yelped louder than was probably necessary)

Riley at this point is in neck deep. There is no way around it…she is what she is.. and what that is is training for the ultimate take down.

The Directorate has gotten a slew of much needed clues to take down the “bad guy” and now they are on the hunt, what they didn’t expect was for Quinn to hitch a ride. (metaphorically and literally)

After rummaging through Riley’s brain he discovers a few useful details. 1. The Directorate is on the move and going undercover, and 2. Riley is lying about her telepathic abilities. How you may ask? Well… easy, she throws him against the wall… without using her hands.

This book IS the piece de resistance. The action sequences and plot solidification that have been building since book 1 finally come to a head, and quite dramatically if I may say so myself. We are introduced “intimately” to the man behind the mask. We are taken through a hall or horrors and a mad man’s demented idea of a sexual funhouse, (complete with gladiator type fighting arenas.) We get to learn what an all-consuming need for vengeance can do to a person, we realize big brothers sometimes DO need their little sisters help, and we learn that were-bear sounds way to much like care-bear and it doesn’t matter how many times you read it you will still laugh.

Riley… regardless of the danger she constantly seems to be in, is still trying to hash out her “relationship” issues, and more importantly, still trying to cope with her “baby” issues which seem to be an even more underlying problem than Quinn’s…well…lying.

I am… pleased to say… enjoying this series. After reading several books with heart stopping, life altering decisions it was nice to take a break and let the “action” do the talking. There doesn’t always have to be a deeper meaning, sometimes it’s better just to have clean sheets and a hot cup of coffee.

Enjoy my fellow Kindle-ites, and remember, if at first you don’t succeed, try try again…or in Quinn’s case, just annoy the hell out of someone until they give in.

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Kissing Sin (3/5)
Tempting Evil (4/5)

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