Move That TREE!!

uninviteEverybody’s definition of “rock bottom” is different, but is there ever a point, where the instability of your mind and life should lead to you opening your bedroom window for a vampire that has been stalking you for 3 months? Probably not right?

Unfortunately for Jordan… that’s exactly what it meant.

Jordan is in high school..not that she attends all that much, she would rather spend her time drowning her social anxiety in booze and coke, but being high and drunk is like second nature to her more than attending class is anyways…a way of dropping off the planet or making her “pitiful” existence seem a little more worthy.

What she doesn’t realize (until the end of the book of course) is that no matter how many bottles of her mother’s Peach Schnapps she drinks, her problems are still gonna be there after she’s finishing chacking in the bathroom.

Her life is a back hole…a downward spiral, but to add insult to injury, Jordan can’t leave the house after dark…not since an angry Vampire took up residence outside her bedroom window.

The plot is intriguing, depressing, and hopeful all at the same time.  This is “Amanda Marrone’s” 1st YA novel, and she takes her audience (successfully) on an not so joyfull ride of teenage substance abuse, the ability to recognize failure, and the need to cope with mortality, all the while throwing in a kick ass subplot of “angry un-dead boyfriend.”

I enjoyed “Uninvited”.  It was well written, and in the end had a moral that every teenager should heed to.

There was purple hair, friends returning from rehab, emotional breakdowns, a very uncomfortable basement scene, and one very life altering moment involving a cliff and several screams for HELP!

If you are the parent of a teenager, I advise YOU more than anyone else to read this book…to understand that this could be your child, and to recognize then signs if it is.

If you are a teenager…read it, like it…and then file it away into the “I will NEVER be like this” part of your brain.

And if you are the person looking for an uplifting read…you too should read it, because, while the first 80% will make you very uncomfortable and probably thinking I’ve lost my marbles, the ending will make you smile.

Enjoy and happy reading my fellow narcissist and remember… Not everyone is your enemy…sometimes they are your salvation.

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