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fadeoutI started the “Morganville Vampire Series” months ago on a whim, and instantly fell in love with it, the only problem came when I read all 5 books in 4 days and then had to wait SEVERAL months for book 6 to be released, then finally…on Tuesday, when I was caffeine deprived and more than a little edgy I opened my Kindle and SURPRISE!!! There it was, in all its wonderful glory and I am happy to say, it was worth the wait.

More often than not I find myself overly critical of “series” novels. I apparently have this unheard of, preconceived notion that if an author decides to write a line of books with the same characters I  not only want to see those characters grow and flourish, but it is a necessity.

“Rachel Caine” did exactly that.

If you have read the others in this amazing series, then you already know Claire. She’s young, she’s smart, and she always seems to be the center of not very good attention, but in “Fade Out” you get to see a few new/different sides of her. She is brave, determined, and insecure.

Following “Battle Bishop” in book 5, Morganville is in disrepair. The rules are being reinforced, vampires and humans are testing the waters and picking sides, unfortunately, Claire is pulled into the middle of it.

Her connection with the now depressed Amelie is growing stronger and she is developing a weird and sometimes bone chilling 6th since for impending doom.

She returns to her job, with the mentally unstable Myrnum, she is hit with a UV bomb, stalked by Ada (the talking vamp computer that controls the portals in town) and ultimately bitten in a shocking moment of carelessness.

The gang is forced to face realities they didn’t know existed between them, lines drawn in the metaphorical sand,  all the while looking for numerous hidden cameras stashed all over town. Can anyone say “Crazy Stalker?!”

The final verdict? LOVED IT! I loved the shifted focus…I loved the jealous angst, and most of all I loved the vampire bunny slippers.

If you have yet to read the first 5… Get on it!!! What are you waiting for? An engraved invitation?? Then when you realize how good those are…buy number 6 and let me know what you think.

Happy reading my fellow blood donors and remember…Vampires need love too, just make sure you love them from afar.

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