Wait…Can You Repeat That!

Seeing as how it is Valentines week I’ve decided to switch things up a bit. I am obviously still going to post my rants, but instead of embracing the ugly, the perverse, or the just plain weird (like I usually do) I decided to bring you LOVE. (Stop laughing… it’s not nice.) That’s right people, for the remainder of the week I will bring you love in all of its forms, from the cheeky pop-coulter type all the way down to the classic “If I can’t have you no one can” obsessive type.

So… for all of my ladies out there that enjoy daily doses of reality avoidance (aka kids, dishes, husbands who refuse to pass over the remote so you can watch “What Not To Wear”) I give you this.

LOVE WEEK! <—- cue floating hearts.

Today’s lovey dovey read is “The Book of Luke” by Jenny O’Connell. Don’t fret… this is not a biblical reference.

Emily is nice. She brings cupcakes to new neighbors, holds doors, and always says please. For her, there was never another option; her mother is a renowned “etiquette guru” and if Emily couldn’t think of something nice to say, she was taught to say nothing at all. Unfortunately, her upbringing completely unprepared her for being dumped. Shouldering a backpack full of scorn she (with the help of her 2 best friends) decide that revenge is far more refreshing than regret, and devise a plan of action, but since getting even with Sean (her ex) wasn’t an option (she very conveniently moves away) she chooses Luke. The egotistical, extremely hot ex of her best friend Josie. The Plan: write down everything wrong with boys & then share them with the world. The Problem: said boy isn’t as crappy as everyone says he is. Can Emily keep herself together long enough to write the book? What would happens if her little secret got out, and will “nice Emily” every come home or is she lost forever?

I REALLY wanted to like this book, honestly… I did, but the more I read, the more it felt like I was reading the book version of “John Tucker Must Die.” There were (of course) several distinct differences, but I kept finding myself waiting for Brittney Snow to pop out of the book and flash me her annoyingly perfect smile and say something like “For reals!!” *giggle. It’s only redeeming quality (for me) was Luke, who (surprise) had more depth than the lead character. I felt bad for him, and at one point even found myself screaming “PAY ATTENTION YOU STUPID BOY!!!” at my Kindle (*hangs head in embarrassment*)

I know… I know… you are probably reading this review and asking yourself what in God’s name this book has to do with love, but I assure you… it is definitely in there. As a matter of fact, love is the big fat white elephant in the room throughout the entire read.

So here is my advice to you. If you HAVE NOT seen “John Tucker Must Die” and you don’t mind a little teen angst, (because this IS a YA novel) then go for it… the overall concept is a good one, and there are some genuinely sweet moments. If you HAVE seen JTMD, then don’t bother… you already know what’s going to happen.

Overall… cute, but overdone.

Happy reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: if you aren’t honest with yourself… who are you going to be honest with?

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(3/5) ** but only because I feel Luke needs a voice.

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2 thoughts on “Wait…Can You Repeat That!

  1. sheeesh no vampire/werewolf/demons, just a nicer than expected boy and cutesy love? Nope. Not me…not in the mood for lovey dovey lol. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

    1. Ha! No worries D, I think next week will be chalked full of the “less than human” types. I don’t think I take take much more of the straight edged love 🙂 I’ve been reading them for a few days now.

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