Guest Review – Leaving Paradise

Guest Reviewer-Nicole

After reading “Perfect Chemistry” and thinking that “Elkeles” didn’t have other books out. I was over-joyed when I read reviews on several book sites, but I still couldn’t quite believe that any other book could reach my love of what turned out to be her most recent novel- Perfect Chemistry.

“Elkeles” may not always have the best writing, but her vivid plots, and dazzlingly raw emotions simple sparkle, daring the reader to dig in.

In “Leaving Paradise”, Maggie Armstrong has been hit by a drunk driver, with a horrible limp, ruining her tennis scholarship to Europe. Caleb Becker is the guy that hit her after a lapse in judgement, he is just getting out of Juvenile detention and is seeking redemption, but no one sees him the same way they did before the accident.

There might not be much in this book that keeps the reader guessing, but I will add in that there are at least two that are guaranteed to catch you unaware.

This book follows the paths of these two characters (alternating chapters) as they seek out humanity in hope that someone-anyone will see them as a fellow human, not a convict, not a cripple.

This book and everything by this author as far as I know, is sheer perfection for those of us out there looking for that nice cushy and rich reading after a harsh and stressful week at school. I absolutely adored this novel, and for the easily frustrated, the sequel is not out yet and the ending will (there is no if) leave any reader drooling for the sequel.

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