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For those of you who are new to the Kindle world… I thought I would bring you a few more helpful tips just in case your Kindle decides it is having a bad day.

Don’t forget you can find loads of helpful info on the Troubleshooting page at

Happy Kindle-ing!!

Content Issues

Symptom Resolution

Book did not download / haven’t received book, subcription, or blog.

Possible Cause:

  • Kindle not able to sync with Amazon servers.

  • 1.  Check battery (if the charge is low, charge it before completing following steps.)
  • 2.  Check that wireless is enabled
  • 3.  Check for wireless strength.
  • 4.  Check “All My Items.”
  • 5.  Check wireless coverage map
  • 6.  Sync and check for items.
  • 7.  If necessary restart the Kindle by pressing Home> Menu > Settings > Menu and select “Restart”

Cannot delete book from Kindle.

  • 1.  Go to the Home screen.
  • 2.  Underline the book you want to delete.
  • 3.  Move the 5-way controller to the left.
  • 4.  Select “Delete”

Book will not open / receiving an error message when opening a book.

Possible Cause:

  • Incomplete file download

  • 1.   Delete the book.
  • 2.  Restart Kindle by pressing Home > Menu > Settings > Menu and select “Restart”
  • 3.  Download book again.

Book has several pages missing

Possible Cause:

  • Book may have formatting errors
  • 1.  Delete Book
  • 2.  Download book again from Archived Items.

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