As promised… Here is another Geek-out blog geared towards those in need of a quick fix to some basic Kindle oopsies!

Keep in mind that all of these tips and tricks can be found and Amazon’s Trouble Shooting Page

Wireless Issues

Symptom Resolution

Book did not download; haven’t received my book, subscription, or blog.

Possible Cause:

Kindle not able to sync with Amazon servers.

  1. Check battery (if low charge, charge before completing following steps).
  2. Check that wireless is enabled.
  3. Check for wireless strength.
  4. Check “show and sort.”
  5. Check wireless coverage map.
  6. Sync and check for items.

Receiving Message: “Unable to Connect.”

Possible Cause:

Kindle unable to connect with Whispernet

  1. Check wireless battery charge.
  2. Check wireless coverage map.
  3. Restart your Kindle.

Book not displaying properly.

Possible Cause:

Book may have formatting errors.

  1. Delete book.
  2. Download book again from archived items.
  3. E-mail us the title of the book, location number of the error, and a detailed description of the issue.
Outside coverage area or want to receive the converted file for free.
  1. Confirm that your sending e-mail address is on the approved e-mail list via the Manage Your Kindle page.
  2. Confirm payment method on the Manage Your Kindle page.
  3. Confirm that your Kindle email address is correct i.e. ([Kindle Email]@free.Kindle.com).
  4. Confirm that the file can be converted for the Kindle.
  5. Check your spam filter or junk mail if you have not received a reply from us.
  6. See how to download files from the Manage Your Kindle page.

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