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Your friendly neighborhood narcissist. I'm sarcastic, cynical and a bit cranky. I own a soap box so big that sometimes I have difficulty stepping down off of it, and I'm about 94% certain I have multiple personalities. I don't sleep enough, and I read more than any person should ever consider normal. I have anger management issues, especially when I'm stuck in traffic and I have an unhealthy obsession with my Kindle. I am a vampire lovin', zombie obsessed, book-in-hand, iPod freak. You either love me or hate me. You be the judge.

2 thoughts on “Jumping The Shark?

  1. Yep, I think series can totally jump the shark. I still need to read Deadlocked, but the last 2 books, I was getting tired of it. :/

    1. See… I’m back 3 on that series. I got bored with the lack of growth. Will I read them? Yes. Eventually…I’m too invested in the series not to, but there has to be an end at some point or the natives (aka me) will get restless.

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