2013 Secret Santa!




Hello Kindle-ites!!!  It’s time once again for “Secret Santa!” The event has had such a wonderful response the last few years that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do it again.

What exactly IS “Secret Santa” Well, it’s pretty simple really AND it’s tons of fun! See, we are all book lovers here (Right? Right!) but as fun as it is to buy a book for OURSELVES…it’s even more fun to get one in the mail from SOMEONE ELSE! That’s where YOU come in.

All you have to do is fill out the form below (the entire form people or this won’t work…no skipping!) Share the link to your book wishlist (From ANY BOOK SITE you would like)


For example this is mine from Amazon:



And I’ll take care of assigning everyone’s Secret Santa.  Once you have yours (FYI – I’ll assign Kindle lovers to Kindle lovers and Physical to Physical) you peruse their wishlist (which I will share with you) pick something (or 2 things…) that strikes your fancy and then buy it for them! Everyone involved will get a Santa which means everyone that signs up will get a brand new (yes I said BRAND NEW for those of you that pick Physical) book in just a few short weeks. TADA!!! Secret Santa Spectacular!!!! (Cool right?)

I will leave this form up until the 18th and after that…the fun will begin.  All I ask is that you PLEASE PLEASE make sure your assignment get’s their “prize” before the end of the month.  Once you receive your book come back here and share what you got with the whole crowd, and I will share with YOU who your Santa was!


Sign Up!!!

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