Amazon Announces NEW Kindle!


Afternoon Kindle-ites!

Well, I’ve been warning you for more than a week now that Amazon had plans to announce a new Kindle today, and guess what…THEY DID! So, since I like keeping all of you in the know. (And the fact that I’ve now read approximately 70 articles on it and am totally Jonesing for one.) I figured it was only fair that I share all of the details with you.

Anyways… Let’s start with the Kindle Fire. While it’s not “NEW” (that aren’t calling it the Fire 2 but the Fire HD) it is definitley “IMPROVED.”



So what’s different?


1.  It has been redesigned!

While I will NEVER complain about my current Fire (or my 3rd child as I like to refer to it) it does did have a few elements to it’s designed that could have been crafted a little more…carefully? I guess you could say. Here’s a list of the changes.

  • A slimmer device (Goodbye bulk!)
  • Rounded corners
  • A rubberized back! (Easier to hang on too!)
  • A quick-tap virtual menu. 
  • A new speaker location. (On the side, in the rear. See picture.) 


2. Clearer and faster!

  • An HD quality display (Which will make every man on the planet happier!)
  • A few wi-fi updates. (Can’t wait 10 minutes for a book or a movie? No problem!)  

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Out With The Old…In With The New!!! 

Now, while I can appreciate all of the hype over the Fire HD, it was NOT the piece de resistance!

“Hey Misty…what was?”

I’m so glad you asked. It was the brand spanking new (I have to have it NOW) Kindle Paperwhite!!

WHAT??? That right, the Kindle Paperwhite!


And…since I am more than likely to gush like a mad woman over this new beauty than write a cohearant paragraph, how about I just list it’s features.

The 411!


  • It is Amazon’s 1st LIGHTED e-ink reader. (Better watch out Nook GlowLight…the Kindle’s coming for you!)

What had to say:

“The front-lit technology here is proprietary, of course. Amazon mentioned some four years in R&D on glowing alone. And the difference is pretty immediately clear: it’s all about distribution. Looking at the Nook for a second, you can immediately isolate the top as the light source, with a stronger concentration and somewhat even distribution. The Kindle’s light however, is hard to spot, thanks in part to a much thinner bezel: you can’t just angle the reader and see the lights here.”


  • No tinted display! (This puppy is going to be much clearer than the traditional (or old-school) kindle.)
  • 8 weeks of battery life – WITH THE LIGHT ON!!!!!
  • It has a dimmer switch! (To bright? No problemo!)
  • Shorter (ding)
  • Thinner (ding ding)
  • NO physical buttons!!
  • Matte black! (How hot is that!)
  • Rubberized backing for easy handling!




What’s It Gonna Cost You?


The Kindle Paperwhite 3G is $179 and $119 for Wi-Fi only. (Note: the Barnes & Noble device is priced at $139 for the Wi-Fi only version.) and will ship on October 1and pre-orders start today.


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10 thoughts on “Amazon Announces NEW Kindle!

  1. The Paperwhite is definitely on my list of must have!! I only wish it had the Mp3 capability so I could combine my music with my books.

  2. What is up with the charger having that square part and is that attached to the kindle permanently?

    1. yeah…..good luck with that decision. I’d never be able to make it. I just wait patiently by the mailbox and see what hubs bought for me. 🙂

  3. I totally with the Paperwhite version had text to speech. I used that feature a lot. Coming from Kindle Keyboard & the Kindle Touch owner I am spoiled when it comes to this feature. Also the decrease instorage does help either. Yes I know there is the amazon cloud but I rather an expandable storage capability. The Kindle Fire HD is looking really good

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